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6 Rules for Staying Sane at University

6 Rules for Staying Sane at University

Article update with video of the event

Provided in partnership with Hachette and Hic Hooper

Nic discusses the 6 rules in his book - The Unbreakable Student

Student Ambassadors talk to Nic about his book, The Unbreakable Student. Each student ambassador read about one of Nic's 6 rules and discuss these with him - they ask the questions for the first time live in the event so Nic hasn't been able to prepare!

The Unbreakable Student was published in July 2021 and has received much acclaim. It has received rave reviews from therapists, parents, authors of self-help guides and, of course, students.

6 Rules for Staying Sane at University

By Dr Nic Hooper - Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the University of Cardiff
Nic has written academic articles on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy amongst other things.

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