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Report writing from coursework to life skill

Report writing from coursework to life skill

Article update with video of the event

Event provided by Pearson and Dr Kathleen McMillan.

An in-depth session covering all aspects of report writing

Report writing for university purposes is an activity that presents many challenges as the demands are diverse and not always straightforward. The rigidity of the report structure must often be manipulated to meet the different contexts in which you will be required to produce reports.

Kathleen explores the fundamentals of structuring and writing up reports and also examines how you can use this type of academic task to achieve successful learning and develop a life-skill that will support your future career roles

Why all your reports should be of a high standard. 

Report writing from coursework to life skill

By Dr Kathleen McMillan
Dr. Kathleen McMillan has extensive experience of helping undergraduate and postgraduate students write up their dissertations across a range of disciplines including the arts, social sciences, engineering, the natural & physical sciences and medicine. She has also authored and co-authored several books that support students in developing the study and writing skills required at university.

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