The Student Entitlement card encourages eligible students to invest positively in their experience at university - be it in their academic needs, their health and well-being, their involvement with the Students’ Union or a passion for the arts.

Scheme Outline

  • The Student Entitlement scheme is only available to students entering year 3 in the 2015-2016 academic year.
  • The Student Entitlement card can be used to buy a range of goods and services on campus and online, including Sport and Well-being membership, a uni-link transport pass, cultural events on campus, a selected range of SUSU services, arts materials from the Winchester Arts Shop or books and stationery from the John Smith’s shop and website.
  • The Student Entitlement card is a chip and pin secure card. Eligible students will receive £300 pre-loaded on their card to invest in their student experience. It is also possible to top up the Entitlement card with additional funds in the John Smith’s shop.
  • Eligible students will also have the opportunity to spend some of the £300 when completing the request for an ID Card. In this case, the Entitlement card will come pre-loaded with the remaining balance.
  • Card Queries

    Q. How do I get my Entitlement Card?

    First of all, you need to have collected your university ID card. Then you can go to the John Smith’s bookshop on Highfield Campus to collect your entitlement card

    Q. Where do I get my Entitlement Card?

    The John Smith’s shop in the Gower Building (building 60 on the Highfield campus)

    Q. Is the Entitlement Card free or do I pay a fee?

    The card is free.

    Q. How do I use my Entitlement Card?

    There are six ways to use the entitlement card:

  • At the John Smith’s bookshop, either at their Highfield Campus store or online
  • To purchase Sport and Well-being membership (Highfield)
  • To buy a uni-link transport pass (not including Blue Star services)
  • To buy an Arts Pass
  • At the Winchester Arts Shop at Winchester School of Art
  • To invest in SUSU services and products (from a defined selection)

  • It is up to you what combination of these products and services you spend your £300 on.

    Q. What do I do if I lose my Entitlement Card?

    Go to the John Smith’s shop, ring 023 8058 6730 or email for details

    Q. Is there a charge for replacing my Entitlement Card?

    Yes, £5 to cover admin and service costs

    Q. I have forgotten or lost my PIN number - what do I need to do?

    Go to the John Smith’s shop, ring 023 8058 6730 or email for details
    If you are based on the Winchester Campus contact the John Smith’s shop, ring 023 8067 1069 or email and they will provide details

    Q. My Entitlement Card has been stolen - how do I stop my account from being used?

    Go to the John Smith’s shop, ring 023 8058 6730 or email for details


    Q. Am I eligible for the Entitlement funds?

    The following students are eligible for Entitlement funds:

  • Full time undergraduate UK and EU students paying the £9k fees themselves or via the Student Loans Company
  • Q. What can I spend my Entitlement funds on?

  • John Smith's Bookshop - Books, Stationery & Learning Materials instore plus a huge range of products online
  • Health and Well-being - Gym - Annual Membership
  • Arts Pass - 4 entry passes into the Nuffield Theatre.....etc
  • Winchester School Of Art Shop - Art materials
  • Uni-Link - Annual Bus Pass
  • Student Union (SUSU) - Package of services, memberships, safety equipment
  • Q. Can I use the Entitlement Card anywhere else on campus?

    Currently there are only 6 locations

    1. John Smith’s Shop and the John Smith's Student Store website
    2. Unilink (only for the annual bus pass)
    3. Sport and Well-being (only for the Annual Membership)
    4. Arts Pass - Nuffield Theatre, Turner Sims and John Hansard Gallery
    5. Winchester Art Shop
    6. SUSU Reception desk

    Spending Queries

    Q. What happens to the Entitlement Funds if I don’t spend them?

    You keep all the funds for up to two years after you leave University.

    Q. Do I lose the Entitlement funds at the end of each year?

    No, you can spend the funds next year

    Q. Can I get any unspent Entitlement funds in cash when I leave university?


    Q. Can I order products to spend my Entitlement on in the bookshop?

    Yes - please speak to a member of staff

    Q. Can I reserve products to spend my Entitlement on in the Bookshop?

    Yes - contact a member of staff

    Q. What happens if I drop out of university and have spent my Entitlement funds - do I need to pay it back?

    You can keep the funds but the University reserves the right to review this on a case by case basis

    Q. How do I know how much Entitlement funds I have remaining?

    You can check at any of the locations that accept the Entitlement card or you can log in to your online account

    Q. Can I top up my Entitlement funds? If so, where can I do this?

    Top ups can be made to your entitlement account currently only in John Smith’s shop

    Q. Can someone else top up funds on my behalf?

    Only in the shop. Online this is planned but not available at the moment.

    Portal/Website Queries

    Q. How do I register my account?

    When you register with John Smith’s you will be automatically be sent an email with a link to the Student Portal login in page: Click Here then create your account by following the instructions

    Q. I have lost my password and log in details - how do I retrieve these?

    Go to: the Student Portal

  • enter your student number
  • click Forgotten Password button
  • An email will be sent to the email address you registered with
  • Q. I have a dispute on my account - who do I raise this with?

    Contact the John Smith’s shop , ring 023 8058 6730 or email us and we will help with your query

    Q. I cannot use the portal - where can I find out what to do?

    Contact the John Smith’s shop, ring 023 8058 6730 or email us and we will help with your query or go to the portal for instructions.

    Contact Details:

  • Lindsey Ross: by email
  • John Smith’s shop, University of Southampton, Gower Building, 112 Burgess Rd, Southampton, SO17 1TW
  • General Queries Tel. No. 023 8058 6730 or email
  • Entitlement Helpline number 023 8058 6730
  • Entitlement queries email us


    Your Student Entitlement funds can be used towards the purchase of books, stationery, computer accessories and other learning materials from the John Smith's Student Store.

    NB: The Student Entitlement is only available to students entering year 4 in the 2016/2017 academic year.