All new undergraduate students who are joining Ravensbourne University London from September 2020 will be eligible to receive £100 online credit.



Getting the cashless bursary

Q. Who is eligible for Aspire?

A. To be eligible for Aspire, you must be a new entrant enrolling as a full-time undergraduate degree student for the 2020 - 21 academic year.

Q. How do I get the £100?

A. Once you've completed registration after arriving on campus (and received your Ravensbourne ID card), go to www.ravensbourneaspire.co.uk. Here you can browse products available and make your selections. When asked for a username and/or password you will be redirected to the Ravensbourne University London authentication page. Log in here using your University username and password which will then redirect back to www.ravensbourneaspire.co.uk.

Q. Can I have the £100 in cash rather than a credit?

A. No. The £100 is only available as a credit to your Aspire account.

Q. Can I transfer my £100 to a friend/relative?

A. No. The credit is not transferable to another individual.

Q. Can the £100 be withdrawn once it has been credited?

A. Not if it has been spent. In certain circumstances the accounts of students may be frozen or closed and any unspent balances removed, e.g. when students leave the University or if there is any misconduct in relation to their accounts.

Q. How do I access the additional £400 Aspire funds?

A. Students that meet the criteria detailed below will have access to an uplift of £400 to their basic award making a total annual award of £500. Students must be from a low income household (£25,000 per annum or less). There is no separate application process for either the basic award or uplift. Awards will be made available based on information gained through registration and through student application to the Student Loans Company.

Spending the credit

Q. Where can I spend it?

A. The £100 will come in the form of credit which will be directly loaded to your individual Aspire account and can be used to purchase items at the Aspire online shop www.ravensbourneaspire.co.uk - JS Group, the supplier appointed by the University, runs this website.

Q. What can I spend my funds on?

A. You can spend your funds on a variety of products including laptops, tablets, art supplies and books here online - www.ravensbourneaspire.co.uk

Q. Do I have to spend the money all at once?

A. No, but credit must be used before you leave the University at the end of your degree.

Q. Do I have to pay the £100 back when I leave the University?

A. No, this is an award designed to support you in your studies and does not need to be paid back.

Q. Will I receive any unspent credit in cash when I leave the University?

A. No, your account will be closed so you should spend any unspent credit before you leave the University at the end of your degree.

Q. What if I want to buy something that is worth more than £100?

A. You can use your credit towards the cost and top up the difference with your own credit/debit card.

Q. What happens if I have an unspent credit balance at the end of the academic year?

A. It would be rolled over for you to spend in the next academic year provided you register for that academic year.

Buying products from the Aspire website

Q. I've tried using the online store but am having technical problems, who can I contact for help?

A. Contact ku/oc/eripsaenruobsnevar//secivres/remotsuc

Q. Who can I ask if I have questions?

A. JS Group is the supplier that the University has appointed to run this award scheme and questions should be directed to them. They have an email address for any queries please email: ku/oc/eripsaenruobsnevar//secivres/remotsuc

For further information please visit - www.ravensbourne.ac.uk/aspire