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Oversubscribed (PDF eBook) 2nd Edition

Oversubscribed (PDF eBook) 2nd Edition

eBook by Priestley, Daniel;

Oversubscribed (PDF eBook)


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Oversubscribed (PDF eBook)


Learn how to get your business oversubscribed in a crowded marketplace to make your business stand out and get people lining up to do business with you Are you constantly chasing customers? Why does it seem like some businesses have their customers begging to purchase their goods or services? Think about it for a moment. When a new iPhone is released, why do customers camp overnight to be the first through the door? In cities with thousands of great restaurants, why do some restaurants require reservations months in advance? Why is it that some consultants, accountants, lawyers and healthcare professionals can charge exponentially more than others? In the modern marketplace, consumer options are virtually endless, intense competition is rife and so much is given away for free online. Often businesses are left scrambling to attract enough customers to make a small profit. Yet the opposite is true for a small number of businesses that do things differently-customers chase them. They have buyers who gladly queue up, pay more, and eagerly wait for the chance to hand over their money for the next thing. How do these businesses do it? More importantly, how can you become one of them? Oversubscribed is the guide to transforming your business into one which customers fight over! Author Daniel Priestley, a successful entrepreneur who has built and sold businesses around the world, shares proven, real-world methods that will not only grab customers' attention, but will also have them lining up to buy from you. This invaluable guide will teach you how to drive demand for your products or services far beyond supply and will dramatically increase the success of your business. Now in its second edition, this updated version offers new insights and motivating examples that are right for the 2020s. This book will show you: The principles and philosophies Oversubscribed businesses live by that are often the opposite of what most businesses do Specific steps for getting into the mind of your customer so they only want to buy from your business How to structure campaigns and product launches that systematically get your business Oversubscribed How to implement a process of signalling to market, and collect signals back from market to build up desire and demand for your products and services The new edition of Oversubscribed: How to get people lining up to do business with you is a must-read for entrepreneurs, marketers, business leaders and owners, team managers, and business students.


Introduction 1 Part I: Principles for Becoming Oversubscribed 7 Principle 1 Only Oversubscribed Businesses Make a Profit 9 Principle 2 The Only People That Matter are Your People 23 Principle 3 First Make Your Market Then Make Your Sales 37 Principle 4 People Buy When the Conditions are Right 53 Principle 5 Be Different and Set Your Own Rules 67 Principle 6 Value is Created in the Ecosystem 83 Principle 7 Meet People Where They Are, Speak to Them in Their Language 97 Principle 8 Nothing Beats Being Positively Remarkable 111 Part II: The Campaign-Driven Enterprise Method: Turning Principles into Strategy 123 Phase 1 Campaign Planning: Know Your Capacity, Who It's for and When You Can Deliver It 137 Phase 2 Build-up: Warming Up the Market while Sending and Collecting Signals 163 Phase 3 Oversubscribed Release: Communicating Demand and Supply Tension before Allowing People to Buy 185 Phase 4 Sales Follow-Through: Proactively Follow Up with Prospects to Maximise the Effectiveness of Your Campaign 203 Phase 5 Celebrate and Innovate 231 Part III: You, Your Team and the Times We Live In 243 Get ready to Surf the Waves 245 Struggle, Lifestyle or Performance? 249 The Campaign-Driven Enterprise Team 255 One Last Thing: The Chapter I Wrestled With 285 Acknowledgements 287 About the Author 289 Index 303

2nd Edition
320 pages
Publication Date:
24 Feb 2020

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