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Legal Systems & Skills: Learn, Develop, Apply 4th Revised edition

Legal Systems & Skills: Learn, Develop, Apply 4th Revised edition

Paperback by Embley, Judith (Associate Professor, University of Law); Goodchild, Peter (is Associate Professor and Programme & Student Lead for the GDL and MA Law at the University of Law (Bloomsbury)); Shephard, Catherine (Senior Lecturer, Manchester Law School, Manchester Metropolitan University); Slorach, Professor Scott (Professor and Director of Learning & Teaching, York Law...

Legal Systems & Skills: Learn, Develop, Apply


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Legal Systems & Skills: Learn, Develop, Apply


The only text that fully combines coverage of legal systems with academic and professional legal skills. Coupled with the focus on employability and commercial awareness, Legal Systems & Skills is the essential contemporary toolkit for law students. Legal Systems & Skills speaks directly to students - encouraging, engaging, and enthusing at all times. It is accessible, with a clear writing style and a wide range of pedagogical features to help students to apply their knowledge practically. Learn how law works * Students get to grips with all the essential topics of English legal system, think about different perspectives, and understand their implications. * Clear, no-nonsense explanations, supported by annotated documents, flowcharts and diagrams that provide a visual representation of concepts and processes, build students' confidence. Develop the essential skills * Students are equipped with the tools they need to thrive in their academic studies and in subsequent employment. Students are encouraged to become adept researchers, nimble problem-solvers, dexterous writers, and competent communicators. * Topics such as negotiation and mediation, presentations, and client meetings introduce students to the professional skills essential for progression into both legal practice and other professional careers. * Commentary helping students engage with assessment criteria and develop their critical thinking skills. Apply them to succeed * Students are encouraged to reflect on and actively improve their commercial awareness through case studies and activities. Targeted coverage of employability, practise interview questions, CV development, and transferrable skills help students to approach their future careers with confidence and communicate their own competencies effectively. * 'Practical exercises' throughout provide opportunities to take a hands-on approach to tackling a wide range of legal skills. * 'What the professionals say' boxes bring in voices from across the world of legal services and other professions, including comments from barristers, solicitors, CEOs, solicitors' paralegals, and librarians. Digital formats and resources This fourth edition is available for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats, and is suppported by online resources. - The e-book offers a mobile experience and convenient access along with functionality tools, navigation features and links that offer extra learning support: - The online resources that support the book include: - Self-test multiple choice questions - The authors' guidance to answering the practical exercises in each chapter - Sample interview questions to help students identify which areas of commercial awareness they need to focus on - A library of web links that direct students to useful websites and relevant media


Part I Legal Systems 1: Introduction to law 2: Legal systems and sources of law 3: The court system of England & Wales 4: Legislation 5: Case law 6: Legal services and ethics Part II Legal Skills 7: Reading cases and legislation 8: Research 9: Problem solving and case/matter analysis 10: Persuasive oral communication and presentations 11: Client interviews and meetings 12: Negotiation and mediation 13: Advocacy and mooting 14: Writing and drafting Part III Employability and Commercial Awareness 15: Making yourself more employable 16: CVs, applications, and interviews 17: Understanding clients: individuals and businesses 18: Businesses and the business environment 19: Essential economics and finance 20: Law firms as businesses

4th Revised edition
Oxford University Press
704 pages
Publication Date:
11 Jun 2020

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