Preparing for a Flying Start with the ENLIGHTEN CARD from John Smith's Bookshop at the University of Glasgow.

Shop open: Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm. 


The Enlighten Card has been specifically designed to help students at the University of Glasgow.

Currently available to the students from the Business School completing certain MSc and MBA courses, the card allows students to purchase a range of items to facilitate their degree (depending on the degree taken. See FAQs). You will be notified by your Department or the University if you are eligible for a card.

The Enlighten Card targets funds specifically for student learning and is primarily used to buy textbooks as recommended by the course lecturers.

These can be purchased either from John Smith's campus bookshop at the University of Glasgow or online 24/7 via this website.

For year 19/20 students funds: must be spent by 31st August 2020. 


Q. Am I eligible for a card?

If you are studying for a MSc or MBA in the Adam Smith Business School you will be notified by the department whether you are eligible for a card.

Q. How do I collect my card?

The store will be open exclusively on Saturday 21st September from 10am - 4pm & Sunday 22nd September from 11am - 4pm, additionally the store will be open exclusively for you to collect your card from 9am - 7pm from Monday 23rd Sept to Friday 27th September. You will need to bring your student ID to collect your card and you may purchase the books from your reading list once you have collected it. After these dates you can collect your card between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday.

Q. I am an MSC student, what can I spend my funds on?

As an MSC students you're allocated funds are available to support the purchase of the textbooks recommended by your lecturer. The great news is we have all of your core textbooks available as print books and also as eBooks in store and online.

Q. Can I use my Enlighten funds on stationery instore?

A: Yes the university allows you to spend up to £40 of your up to £200 Enlighten Funds to purchase stationery instore or online - this includes, pens, notepads, calculators, staplers, revision notes and much more. If you would like to know more pop into the  store and the team can help.

Q. How can I use an eBook I have purchased?

All of the eBooks marked with the Kortext logo are available to use with Kortext, the UK'S leading higher education eBook platform. You can download the Kortext app for iOS, Android and windows mobile devices, it is also accessible through the Kortext website. Click here to learn more about Kortext.

Q. Do I have to pay the money from the University back?

No the university gifts this money to you on your Enlighten card to support with your MSC or MBA studies

Q. Who do I contact if I need help with my card or Enlighten Funds?

Contact the store by email here or by telephone on 0141 342 5986. Alternatively visit the store on the ground floor of the Fraser Building.


The average student in the UK spends a minimum of £120 per year on textbooks.

The figure is higher for new students in their first year.

There is demonstrable evidence that students who purchase the books recommended by their lecturers are more likely to succeed at University and to qualify with a better degree at the end of their studies.