Coronavirus news: As of today, there is no disruption to your University scheme and this website will continue to support home study as well as self-isolation. However there are now availability issues with some products. See below for full product and delivery updates.


Welcome to the online store of John Smith's especially created for students at Bucks New University. Students can find all of their course books and other materials here.

John Smith's is a major retailer working exclusively with universities in the UK and overseas. We have been winner of the Academic and Professional Chain Bookseller of the Year Award for 9 out of the last 10 years.

Starting life as a bookseller in Glasgow in 1751, in the last few years we have changed emphasis from being almost all about selling books to helping students throughout their experience at university.

In partnership with a growing number of institutions we enable students to buy products via a smartcard loaded with bursary funds, which can be spent on a range of products in John Smith's shops, but also, in some schemes, with other 'partner' suppliers.

However we still sell enormous amount of books to a vast quantity of students through our on-campus retailing outlets and via this website. Click to view all the offers available to you via this website