York St John University have partnered with the largest, specialist Higher Education retailer in the UK to present the Aspire scheme for students joining in their first academic year.

Here's a short but informative video about the Aspire at York St John scheme:

To help all of our students achieve and develop during their time studying with us, we have created the York St John University Aspire Scheme, run in conjunction with the John Smith Group. The scheme aims to help you make the very best of your time at York St John University by improving access to the tools you need to support your studies. Aspire funds can be used to purchase items that will help with learning on your course for example books and other course materials pre-determined by Subject Directors.

All eligible students will receive up to £100 on your Aspire card (with an extra £400 given to students from a widening participation background). Your account can also be topped up with additional funds at any time during your study with us.

You're already eligible for the Aspire scheme so you don't need to apply, but you will need to register your details and activate your account before you can be issued with your personalised card. More details will be sent to prior to you starting your degree with us.

You, a relative or a friend can Top-up your Aspire card online, adding more funds to your account.

York St John Aspire FAQs

Q. Who is eligible for the York St John University Aspire funds?

A. The following students are eligible for the Aspire Card in 2019/20:

Full and part time home and international students, enrolled onto the first year or the foundation year, of an undergraduate honours degree.

Q. What is it worth?

A. All full time eligible students will receive £100 on their Aspire Cards and part time students will receive £50. Home students whose household income is below £25,000 will also receive an additional £400.

Q. Is this a loan? Do I have to pay it back?

A. No, the funds you receive on your Aspire Card are not a loan and you do not have to pay it back. The funds are given to you by York St John to help with the extra costs associated with studying. It does not add to your student debt.

Q. How do I register for it?

A. You will need to register here online with your University e-mail address and password as provided to you before the start of term. Once you have arrived at York St John and are fully enrolled this account will be updated with your funds.

You can collect your Aspire Card from the Student Information desk once you have completed the final stage of enrolment, so you won't miss out.

Q. When can I access my funds?

A. As soon as you have your student ID card and register with Aspire, your funds should be available within 24 hours.

Q. What can I use my funds on?

A. You can spend your funds on this website on books, stationery and other course related items to help support your studies.

Q. What if I lose my card?

A. Your first card is free and there is no charge for using the scheme. However,there is a £5 charge for a replacement card should you lose or damage your original.

Q. Where should I go if I have more questions?

A. For more Information about Aspire including terms and conditions visit

For queries about the funds applied to your account, contact The Student Funding Advice Team at ku/ca/jskroy//ecivdagnidnuf

For queries about your account or an order email JS Group at ku/oc/htimsnhoj//jsy