At UCB we want to support our students to help them to achieve, develop and be successful during their time studying with us and beyond.  This is why UCB have developed 'The Kick-Start Scheme' run in conjunction with the JS Group. The scheme aims to kick-start your studies and future career by improving access to the tools and resources you need to support you in your studies.  The Kick-Start Scheme will provide you with funds to purchase items that will benefit you in your learning and in this new chapter of your life as a UCB student.  For more information please read the FAQs below.

How much do I get?

Students studying a full-taught year will get £300 of credit at the start of your year. If you are a UK student with a household income of below £25,000 you will be entitled to a further £500 at the start of your second semester. Both your household income and your eligibility as a UK student will be determined by your Student Finance assessment. You therefore need to ensure you (and anyone else who provides information as part of your Student Finance application) give consent for their information to be shared with the University.


Who is eligible for 'The Kick-Start Scheme' funds?

You must meet all of the following criteria to be eligible:

  • You must be considered a new student studying a full-time, undergraduate or PGCE course, which starts in September 2018 or after.
  • You must have a student status of Home, EU or Channel Isles (i.e. not be considered an International student).
  • You must be paying fees at the maximum (£9,250) rate.


When do I get my funds?

Your £300 credit on your Kick-Start account will be available within 30 minutes of you completing your enrolment in full.
If you are entitled to the additional £500 credit you will receive this in your second semester.


How can I spend my funds?

You can spend your funds on the following:

  • On the Kick-Start website run by our partner organisation JS Group - take a look to see what you can purchase!
  • At the Student Guild:
  • - Society Membership fees
  • - UCB branded clothing
  • Towards short-courses and optional trips (pay at the First Floor Finance Office, Summer Row)
  • Printing credits (can be purchased from the Resource Centre, Summer Row only)
  • In the cafés at Summer Row and McIntyre House


How do I get my Kick-Start Card - I will be starting my course in September?

You will register for your Kick-Start account at enrolment. There are 2 parts to your enrolment as follows:
Enrolment Part 1: This is your online enrolment, which you will complete in August. As part of the enrolment you will be asked whether you give consent for your details to be shared between the University and the JS Group (UCB's partner organisation in the delivery of The Kick-Start Scheme). You can only be in The Kick-Start Scheme if you agree for the sharing of information to take place.
Enrolment Part 2: You will complete the final stage of your enrolment the week commencing 3rd September within UCB. In this part of your enrolment you will need to bring with you suitable ID to prove who you are and your nationality. You will then receive your Student ID card and be directed to the Resource Centre where you will activate your Student ID card and collect your Kick-Start card.


How do I activate my Kick-Start account?

Once you have collected your Student ID card you can collect your Kick-Start card from our collection point in the resource centre. As part of the collection process you will need to create a 4-digit PIN, which will be required if you wish to use your funds in campus outlets.
To activate your online account, you will receive an email to your UCB email account ( This will contain your Kick-Start user name and password, which can then be used to purchase your equipment and learning resources at Kick-Start website.


I've got my Kick-Start card what happens next?

At the same time as you are given your Kick-Start card you will be asked to create a secure 4-digit PIN. You will need to use this PIN whenever you buy items from within UCB using your Kick-Start card.

You will also be emailed - to your UCB email account ( - your Kick-Start account information so that you can register your Kick-Start account and create a password. You will be able to do this as part of the process of collecting your Kick-Start card, so you can have help if required. Once you have registered you can start purchasing items straightaway from the Kick-Start website or from designated outlets within UCB.


Is there a limit as to how I can spend my funds?

Of the £300 you receive, £250 must be spent on the Kick-Start website, the remaining £50 can be used on the other items from within UCB (listed above) or you can spend this on the Kick-Start website too. If you are entitled to the additional £500 (see 'How much do I get?' for more information), £300 of this amount must be spent on the Kick-Start website; the remaining £200 can be used on the other items from within UCB (listed above) or if you prefer all or some of this £200 can be spent on the Kick-Start website.


What if I want to buy something that costs more than I have funds for on my Kick-Start account?

This isn't a problem. You can use what funds you have available from your Kick-Start account and pay for the outstanding amount via a credit or debit card.


Is it a loan? Do I have to pay it back?

No, it is not a loan and it does not need to be paid back.


How often will I receive funds?

You will receive funds for each taught year of your course, where you meet the eligibility criteria.


How do I know how much I have remaining on my Kick-Start account?

You can check your balance via your online Kick-Start account. Check your balance here.


Can I, or friends and family add funds to my Kick-Start account?

Yes, further credit can be added via your online Kick-Start account. Top-up here.


What happens to my credit if I don't spend it?

At the end of each year, any unspent funds on your Kick-Start Scheme account will roll forward until the final year of your course. On 30th September immediately following the expected completion of your course any unspent funds will be removed from the account, meaning you cannot spend these after this date. If however, you enrol onto another eligible course (e.g. a full-time BA/BSc (Hons) top up course or PGCE) before 30th September any unspent funds will be rolled forward.


If I withdraw from the University do I need to pay back the Kick-Start funds I've spent?

No, but the University will remove any unspent funds from your Kick-Start account as soon as your withdrawal is processed.


I have lost my Kick-Start card, how do I get a new one?

You can visit the Cash Office in the First Floor Finance Office, Summer Row to purchase a new card. You will need to pay a £5 replacement fee.


I have forgotten my PIN, how do I reset it?

Reset your PIN online here. Alternatively, you can visit the Cash Office in the First Floor Finance Office, Summer Row to reset your PIN. If visiting the Cash Office, you must ensure you have your UCB ID card in order to change your PIN.


I have forgotten my Kick-Start account password, how do I reset it?

Use the forgotten password facility on your Kick-Start account Login page to reset your password.


Can I return items purchased on the Kick-Start website?

Should you change your mind about your order, JS Group operates a 'no questions asked' returns policy providing you return your product within 14 calendar days of the delivery of your order. Please note eBooks and personalised items* cannot be returned, refunded or exchanged. For more details on JS Group return policy and how to return items please click here

*Personalised items can be tried-on for fitting in the University as kit is provided there so you can check sizing etc. BEFORE placing an order.


The item I ordered on the Kick-Start website has arrived damaged / faulty / incorrectly supplied. What should I do?

Please notify JS Group within 24 hours of receiving the order. The returns procedure can be found here.


An order hasn't arrived, despite my Kick-Start account showing the order was dispatched more than 48 hours ago?

Please contact JS Group if you are concerned about an order that hasn't arrived.


I am a student who started my full-time Undergraduate course prior to September 2018 - why am I not eligible?

Most universities have an 'Access agreement' which sets out how a higher education provider will sustain or improve access, student success and progression. Access agreements must be submitted annually, but the commitments UCB make in each agreement apply to each cohort of students who start in that year, and remain in force for the duration of their studies. All Access agreements between 2012/13 and 2017/18 specified that UCB would provide eligible students with fee waivers. We therefore have to keep this agreement for students who started the course between (and inclusive of) these academic years. If you receive fee discount(s) this will reduce the amount of tuition fees you need to pay and therefore will potentially reduce the amount of loan you need to repay in the future. You can also still use the Kick-Start website to purchase items using your credit/debit card.

For more further information and questions covering placements, FdA/FdSc to a BA/BSc(Hons) top ups, and dates of fund loads please click here. You can also visit the First Floor Finance Office, Summer Row or email ku/ca/bcu//tratskcik with your query.