The Law Express series from Pearson Education. The Law Express series is designed to help you revise effectively. This series of books is your guide to understanding essential concepts, remembering and applying key legislation and making your answers stand out!

The Law Express series contains books on all the core and optional law subjects you'll be are two series: Law Express Guides & Law Express Q & As.

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Law Express Revision Guides
9781292012902 Law Express: Business Law4e MacIntyre, Ewan
9781292086941 Law Express: Company Law 4e Taylor, Chris
9781292086958 Law Express: Constitutional and Administrative Law 5e Taylor, Chris
9781292086972 Law Express: Consumer and Commercial Law 4e Tillson, Judith
9781292086866 Law Express: Contract Law 5e Finch, Emily
9781292086798 Law Express: Criminal Law 6e Finch, Emily
9781405874274 Law Express: Criminology Cross, Noel
9781292086828 Law Express: Employment Law 5e Cabrelli, David
9781292086873 Law Express: English Legal System 6e Finch, Emily
9781292086842 Law Express: Equity and Trusts 6e Duddington, John
9781292086910 Law Express: EU Law 5e Kirk, Ewan
9781292086965 Law Express: Evidence 4e Taylor, Chris
9780273792871 Law Express: Exam Success2e Finch, Emily
9781292086897 Law Express: Family Law 6e Herring, Jonathan
9781292086835 Law Express: Human Rights 4e De Than, Claire
9781292086989 Law Express: Intellectual Property Law 5e Howell & Farrand
9781292086804 Law Express: International Law 3e Allen, Stephen
9781292086934 Law Express: Jurisprudence2e Shaw, Julia J.A
9781292086859 Law Express: Land Law 6e Duddington, John
9781292086903 Law Express: Medical Law5e Herring, Jonathan
9781408296028 Law Express: Scottish Business Law MacIntyre, Ewan
9781292086880 Law Express: Tort Law6e Finch, Emily
Law Express Q&A Revision Guides
9781292067308 Law Express Question and Answer: Company Law 2e Ma, Fang
9781292148984 Law Express Question and Answer: Constitutional and Administrative Law 4e Thirlaway, Victoria
9781292066943 Law Express Question and Answer: Contract Law 3e Hamilton, Marina
9781292148977 Law Express Question and Answer: Criminal Law 4e Monaghan, Nicola
9781292148991 Law Express Question and Answer: English Legal System 4e Wilson, Gary
9781292148922 Law Express Question and Answer: Equity and Trusts 4e Duddington, John
9781292148953 Law Express Question and Answer: EU Law 4e Guth, Jessica
9781408266670 Law Express Question and Answer: Evidence Rita, D'Alton Harrison
9780273783633 Law Express Question and Answer: Family Law 2e Herring, Jonathan
9780273783398 Law Express Question and Answer: Human Rights 2e Davis, Howard
9781292148939 Law Express Question and Answer: Land Law 4e Duddington, John
9781292002897 Law Express Question and Answer: Medical Law Robson, Michelle
9781292148946 Law Express Question and Answer: Tort Law 4e Geach, Neal

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