As part of the Teesside University offer, you will receive £100 credit at the start of each academic year to spend on key course texts through this online bookshop. You will be able to access this credit through your University email account after you have enrolled.

Teesside Advance scheme gives you a helping hand with meeting the costs of your course textbooks. All eligible students will be awarded £100 upon registering online. Topping up your card with additional credit is also great way for you to budget or for your friends and relatives to offer their support.

Teesside Advance FAQs

Who is eligible for Teesside Advance?   

To be eligible for Teesside University Advance you must be a new entrant enrolling on Year 0 or 1 (this excludes direct entrants onto Years 2 or 3 or students repeating any year) as a full-time undergraduate degree student for the 2018 - 19 academic year on a Teesside University course leading to an award of at least 360 credits delivered on Teesside University's Middlesbrough campus. 

How do I activate my Advance funds?

You will receive your unique log in details via email with some simple steps to follow, to activate your account here at the Teesside University Advance Student Store. You can also do this during enrolment at the start of term to receive a personalised advance card. You don't need to apply - you just provide your details and activate your account to gain access and receive your Advance funds.

Is this a loan?

No, the funds are provided by Teesside University to help with the extra costs associated with studying. It doesn't add to your student debt and you don't pay it back.

What happens if I don't spend my funds by the end of the academic year?

Your funds are rolled over for you to use in your next academic year, as long as you are still a registered eligible student.

What can I spend my funds on?

You can spend your funds on course textbooks here online.

For more information please visit: or email: ku/ca/seet//seiriuqne-lhsss
For balance and order queries email: ku/oc/htimsnhoj//seet
For full details visit