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A Blog by Elliott - A 3rd Year University of Chester -Student Meals

A Blog by Elliott - A 3rd Year University of Chester -Student Meals

Some student meals.I hope you are all doing well and getting on with that degree of yours. 

Elliott here talking to you about some cheaper meals you can add to that meal variety you have.

Let me start you off with my universal tip and that is if you are having a chicken dish instead of breasts grab yourself some thighs, they are cheaper in terms of the amount of meat you get and, in my opinion, you get tastier meat, arguably is it also juicier but you need to try it to decide for yourself.

The first meal I will suggest for you is a juicy ramen! You'll need noodles, chicken stock cubes (3), garlic (6 cloves), ginger (one root), soy sauce, chicken (×2/3 thighs), Chinese 5 spice, salt, pepper & spring onions if you want to look a little more the part grab an egg to garnish too. The first thing you'll want to do is mince the garlic and thinly cut the ginger into cubes, then slice the 

spring onions up into little cylinders, the chicken should be cut into bite sized chunks and seasoned with salt pepper and the 5 spice, then fried until cooked through. Put some oil in a pot and throw in the garlic and ginger, fry for 20 seconds and add in ¼ of a small bottle into the pot and leave for 2 mins. Throw in the chicken stock with 1200ml of water, leave for another 3 mins and then add the noodles, let them soak up the stock until you add the pre-fried chicken and cook for another 5 mins, add the spring onions and then serve with the boiled egg.


The next recipe I will suggest is a home-made pizza.

For this you will need to do it in two steps make the dough then whack the toppings on. You will need: 500g of flour, some salt, some ready use yeast, 350ml of warm water, 50ml of warm milk and some olive oil. So, put the flour in a mixing bowl with two teaspoons of salt, then add the milk and one 

teaspoon of oil and give it all a mix. Add one teaspoon of yeast into the water and mix until the water is cloudy, then pour this into the flour mixture and mix about until it is all incorporated.