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Boost Your Winter Wellbeing

Boost Your Winter Wellbeing

Article update with video of the event

Provided in partnership with Pearson and Dr Audrey Tang

Practical, easily applicable methods to build your mental health...just like you would physical health!

  • Recognise and manage low-level stress
  • Reduce the negative effects of overthinking
  • Ride out change and uncertainty
  • Respect and revive your inner strength...the skills we gain may leave us over time, who we are at the core is what really counts.

Boost Your Winter Wellbeing

By Dr Audrey Tang - Audrey is a Chartered Psychologist CPsychol
And an award-winning author. She hosts podcast 'Retrain Your Brain for Success', is presenter for DisruptiveTV, and resident psychologist on Channel 4's "Don't Diet Lose Weight", and The Chrissy B Show (Sky). She speaks at National and International conferences in the fields of resilience & soft skills, organisational wellbeing and team cohesion, and delivers CPD accredited Leadership training, and Development coaching (ICF), as well as FIRO-B profiling. While there is a place for professional intervention, Audrey believes that we can build our mental and emotional strength outside the point of crisis.

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