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Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Before coming to university, you might have been used to revising and studying alone...

..but as you gradually transition to Uni-life, you would realise that, on top of moving in, making new friends, establishing a new routine, adapting to your unfamiliar surroundings, and taking new challenging courses, it is easy to become overwhelmed.

This is where your friends and peers come in! Here are some reasons why team work absolutely makes the dream work:

Sharing notes

By working in a team, you can divide your academic workload by sharing tutorial notes and lecture summaries. You can also discuss more complex concepts that are more difficult to grasp.


Anyone who has produced a piece of writing would know that it is easy to miss a grammatical error or a minor mistake; however, by working together and proofreading each other's work, not only can you correct your mistakes, but also help clarify your arguments and make your essay more coherent as a whole.

An additional tip: after receiving grades and feedback, read each other's essays again. You will essentially learn from multiple sets of mistakes, and have a better understanding of what to do and what not to do.

Mental support

The university's academic curriculum and grading expectations are very different and a lot more challenging than those in secondary or high school. Thus, while you may have gotten straight A's in the past, the first mark you receive for your first assessment will not be the grades you were used to getting. By working with your peers, you will realise that everyone, like you, is adjusting to the new expectations. By arranging study groups, you would become more motivated to go to the library more often, or waking up earlier in the morning!

Looking for some more?

Click here for an On-Demand Webinar on 'How to Make Working in Groups Work' 

By Jewel Wang Chen - LLB Law
First in 2021/2022 school year

Team Work Makes the Dream Work



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