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Time Management - it is what it is

Time Management - it is what it is

Time management is key when it comes to doing a degree. But it is also very important to enjoy yourself and make the most of university.

Why Is Time Management So Vital?

When I started university in 2019, the workload started off quite slow but then it soon caught up with me, which I found to be the same at the beginning of each semester. I'd describe it as a snowball, as I only had a bit to begin with but then the amount of work got heavier.

It's very easy to get lost in the panic of deadlines but it's important to remain calm.

How Can I Handle My Time Management Effectively?

First of all, don't leave it to the last minute! There were times when I was up until the early hours of the morning trying to finish the assignment, and sometimes this can't be helped for many different reasons but trust me when I say the earlier you start the less stressed you will be.

Start by writing out your deadlines for that semester and then go through the assignment guide to write out the key points of what you are being asked to do. This way you can see, what needs to be done first and which one requires the most in terms of the word count for example. But try your best to give each assignment 100%.

Handy Tips...

  • If your assignment requires an essay, make sure you do a plan before starting. This way you'll have something to refer to and it won't seem too daunting when you come to write.
  • Make sure you do a lot of reading around the subject of your assignment. If you find a good journal for example, you can quote from it and write these down in your plan.
  • Don't do it all in one go. Just start with 200 words one day and then you can build on it. Some days you'll write more than others. This way it won't feel like too much.

By Elise Middleton - Studied Journalism at the University of Worcester 2019-2022

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