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Foundation Mathematics for Computer Science: A Visual Approach 2nd ed. 2020

Foundation Mathematics for Computer Science: A Visual Approach 2nd ed. 2020

Paperback by Vince, John

Foundation Mathematics for Computer Science: A Visual Approach


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Foundation Mathematics for Computer Science: A Visual Approach


In this second edition of Foundation Mathematics for Computer Science, John Vince has reviewed and edited the original book and written new chapters on combinatorics, probability, modular arithmetic and complex numbers. These subjects complement the existing chapters on number systems, algebra, logic, trigonometry, coordinate systems, determinants, vectors, matrices, geometric matrix transforms, differential and integral calculus. During this journey, the author touches upon more esoteric topics such as quaternions, octonions, Grassmann algebra, Barrycentric coordinates, transfinite sets and prime numbers. John Vince describes a range of mathematical topics to provide a solid foundation for an undergraduate course in computer science, starting with a review of number systems and their relevance to digital computers, and finishing with differential and integral calculus. Readers will find that the author's visual approach will greatly improve their understanding as to why certain mathematical structures exist, together with how they are used in real-world applications. This second edition includes new, full-colour illustrations to clarify the mathematical descriptions, and in some cases, equations are also coloured to reveal vital algebraic patterns. The numerous worked examples will help consolidate the understanding of abstract mathematical concepts. Whether you intend to pursue a career in programming, scientific visualisation, artificial intelligence, systems design, or real-time computing, you should find the author's literary style refreshingly lucid and engaging, and prepare you for more advanced texts.


Visual Mathematics.- Numbers.- Algebra.- Logic.- Combinatories.- Probability.- Modular Arithmetic.- Trigonometry.- Coordinate Systems.- Determinants.- Vectors.- Complex Numbers.- Matrices.- Geometric Matrix Transforms.- Calculus: Derivatives.- Calculus: Integration.- Appendix A.- Appendix B.- Index.

2nd ed. 2020
Springer Nature Switzerland AG
407 pages
Publication Date:
18 Mar 2020

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