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Designing Interiors for People with Dementia 4th Revised edition

Designing Interiors for People with Dementia 4th Revised edition

Paperback by Fuggle, Liz

Designing Interiors for People with Dementia


For delivery:
Estimated Despatch 15 - 16 Aug 2022
Publication Date:
20 Nov 2013
Designing Interiors for People with Dementia


There will be a delay in supplying University of Stirling Dementia Centre titles at the moment as the building where the books are stored / despatched from is locked-down now. We will send as soon as we are able.

This design guidance is aimed at everyone concerned with the care of people with dementia. It is intended to assist commissioners, providers, operators, managers and staff of care homes as well as NHS facilities. It has also been written to help people with dementia living at home, as well as their carers, relatives and friends. It aims to help architects, interior and product designers design more effectively for people with dementia. In this book we are primarily looking at the practical and aesthetic aspects of interior design, as well as fixtures and fittings. For the purposes of this guide, interior design covers all the features occurring in the internal environment. This includes to an extent architectural building elements such as staircases and window design insofar as they have an impact on the interior of the building. Please note that the language used in DSDC publications is correct at the time of print; recommendations for dementia friendly language is updated on a regular basis and therefore from time to time some language in DSDC publications may be out of date. If you would like to read more about dementia friendly language, you can read the DSDC blog at called If you don't have anything nice to say.

4th Revised edition
University of Stirling, Dementia Services Development Centre

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