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Dementia Design Audit Tool: 2011 2nd Revised edition

Dementia Design Audit Tool: 2011 2nd Revised edition

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Dementia Design Audit Tool: 2011


For delivery:
Estimated Despatch 15 - 16 Aug 2022
Publication Date:
31 Aug 2011
Dementia Design Audit Tool: 2011


There will be a delay in supplying University of Stirling Dementia Centre titles at the moment as the building where the books are stored / despatched from is locked-down now. We will send as soon as we are able.

This folder contains a series of resources for assessing environments that are used by people with dementia. These have been produced by the Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC) at the University of Stirling. The information they contain is evidence based, where possible, and reflects international best practice.

The aim of the dementia design audit tool is to provide consistent guidance on designing environments for people with dementia. It can be used for refurbishment projects or new buildings. The audit tool should be used in conjunction with the DSDC's range of design publications.

Although the tool can be used informally during the design process, users are encouraged to undertake specific training in design for people with dementia first. Formal accreditation of a building following an audit is available directly from the DSDC. For more information about our specialist design audit service, visit

2nd Revised edition
University of Stirling, Dementia Services Development Centre
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