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Principles and Practice of Marketing, 9e 9th edition

Principles and Practice of Marketing, 9e 9th edition

Paperback by Jobber, David; Ellis-Chadwick, Fiona

Principles and Practice of Marketing, 9e


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Principles and Practice of Marketing, 9e


The ninth edition of McGraw-Hill's leading textbook, Principles and Practice of Marketing, provides a contemporary and modern introduction to marketing. Covering the importance of customer value alongside the 4Ps, this authoritative text provides students with a core understanding of the wider context of marketing operations within companies, illustrated with innovative examples of marketing in practice. It has been updated with the latest developments, such as trends towards social and ethical marketing and cutting-edge technological change. Find Out: The crucial role that retail plays in promoting the economic and social health of towns and cities. How Maltesers won the Channel 4 TV competition championing diversity and disability. How companies are using social media influencers to promote their brands. How data analytics and artificial intelligence are refocusing Harley Davidson's marketing strategy. How Manchester City FC is innovating in high-tech marketing and co-creation. Key features: A brand-new chapter on Digital Marketing, and a focus on technology throughout the text. A structure that focuses on the importance of Customer Value. Fully updated to reflect the latest technologies and digital developments. New and updated Marketing in Action boxes and Mini Cases, focusing on European and Global companies including Amazon, Pandora, Zara and IKEA 44 new and updated end-of-chapter cases provide insights across a range of businesses including high street fashion stores and supermarkets (Burberry, Nordstrom, Coop Danmark, H&M), Airlines and services (EasyJet, Starbucks) and high-tech operations (Apple, eSports,Toyota), as well as important developments, such as place marketing and social media influencers. Fully updated and streamlined pedagogy, including refocused recommended readings at the end of each chapter, encouraging expanded knowledge. This edition has now been updated to include 9 bitesize videos with associated concept check questions. Each of the videos revisit a case study in the book and provides a second look in light of the Covid-19 pandemic. The videos can be accessed on Connect and cover: - Case 2: H&M - Case 3: Marketing in a Place: Roeselare - Case 5: Cappucino Wars: Starbucks and competitors - Case 8: AstraZeneca - Case 9: Channel 4 and Maltesers - Case 11: Harley Davidson - Case 14: Lego - Case 15: Kim Kardashian: Influencer Marketing - Case 32: Online Media


PART 1 Fundamentals of Marketing 1 Marketing and the Organization 2 The Marketing Environment 3 Consumer Behaviour 4 Business-to-Business Marketing 5 Marketing, Ethics and Society 6 Marketing Analytics and Research 7 Market Segmentation and Positioning PART 2 Creating Customer Value 8 Value Through Brands 9 Value Through Services 10 Value Through Relationships 11 Value Through Innovation 12 Value Through Pricing PART 3 Communicating and Delivering Customer Value 13 Integrated Marketing Communications 14 Mass Marketing Communications 15 Direct Marketing Communications 16 Digital Marketing and Social Media 17 Distribution and Channel Management PART 4 Marketing Planning and Strategy 18 Marketing Planning: An Overview of Strategic Analysis and Decision making 19 Analysing Competitors and Creating a Competitive Advantage 20 Product Strategy: Lifecycle, Portfolio and Growth 21 Global Marketing Strategy 22 Managing Marketing Implementation, Organization and Control

9th edition
McGraw-Hill Education (UK) Ltd
Publication Date:
29 Mar 2019

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