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How to Write Brilliant Psychology Essays

How to Write Brilliant Psychology Essays

Paperback by Dickerson, Paul

How to Write Brilliant Psychology Essays

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Publication Date:
19 Oct 2020
Sage Publications Ltd
328 pages
For delivery:
Estimated despatch 23 - 24 May 2024
How to Write Brilliant Psychology Essays


"This book is one I wish I had bought at the start of my Psychology degree." - Five-star review Essay writing is a key part of the Psychology degree and knowing how to write effective and compelling academic essays is key to success. Whether it's understanding how to implement feedback you receive on essays, how to stop procrastinating or what makes an effective introduction, this book covers it all. Drawing on insights derived from teaching thousands of students over a 25-year period How to Write Brilliant Psychology Essays provides the keys that will unlock your writing potential. Ace your Assignment provide practical tips to help succeed Exercises help try the theory out in practice Take away points highlight the key learnings from each chapter Online resources provide even more help and guidance.


Chapter 1: Catch the wave - how to seize the moment, overcome procrastination and write now Chapter 2: Make it yours - how to use sources effectively and avoid the plagiarism trap Chapter 3: Set it up - how to write an effective introduction Chapter 4: Keep on target - how to answer the essay question Chapter 5: Keep it smooth - how to interconnect your essay Chapter 6: Keep it critical - how to develop your critical evaluation Chapter 7: Keep it dynamic - how to develop your academic voice and describe effectively Chapter 8: Sum it up - how to write an effective conclusion Chapter 9: Make it professional - how to ensure high-quality presentation and referencing Chapter 10: Refine and enhance - how to effectively review and edit your essay Chapter 11: Unseen exams Chapter 12: Seen and takeaway exams

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