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Marketing Communications 3rd Revised edition

Marketing Communications 3rd Revised edition

Paperback by Egan, John

Marketing Communications


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18 Dec 2019
Marketing Communications


John Egan draws on both his industry and academic background to explain the why as well as the how of marketing communications. The book takes an industry-driven approach which provides all the theories in the context of application and from a real world perspective. It also uses accessible, straight-forward language and all content is supported by a collection of learning features. New to this edition: * New chapters on Digital Marketing and Analytics and Social Media Marketing * Strong focus on marketing communications analytics * Update of examples, case studies and references Online resources for both instructors and students complement the book. These include PowerPoint slides, an Instructors' manual, MCQ's with answers for instructors, a glossary, flashcards, links to relevant websites and videos. Suitable for marketing students taking a Marketing Communications module as part of their Marketing degree.


Part 1: Essentials of Marketing Communications Chapter 1: Introduction to Marketing Communications Chapter 2: Marketing Communications Theory Chapter 3: Buying Behaviour Chapter 4: Brand Communications Part 2: Managing Campaigns, Media Planning and Research Chapter 5: Marketing Communications Strategy and Planning Chapter 6: Understanding Marketing Research Chapter 7: Campaign Tactics and Management Chapter 8: Campaign Media and Media Planning Part 3: The Marketing Communications Mix and Omni-Channels Chapter 9: Advertising Chapter 10: Digital Marketing Chapter 11: Social Media Marketing Chapter 12: Sales Promotion Chapter 13: Corporate Communications & PR Chapter 14: Sponsorship & Product Placement Chapter 15: Personal Selling and Point of Sale Chapter 16: Employee Branding & Communications Chapter 17: Marketing Channels and Business-to Business Communications Part 4: Industry and Ethics in a Global Context Chapter 18: Global Marketing Communications Chapter 19: Ethical Marketing and Regulation Chapter 20: The Communications Industry

3rd Revised edition
SAGE Publications Ltd
416 pages

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