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50 Ways to Manage Time Effectively

50 Ways to Manage Time Effectively

Paperback by Cottrell, Stella

50 Ways to Manage Time Effectively

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08 May 2019
50 Ways to Manage Time Effectively


This book will inspire and motivate students to shape new habits and make effective use of time in their studies, work and everyday lives. Each of the 50 'Ways' in this book is a starting point, offering suggestions of things to do and think about, alongside opportunities to reflect on, choose and commit to new ideas and actions. It helps students to make smart use of time-saving strategies, set manageable goals and pace their study so they keep on top of deadlines. It also shows them how to identify potential distractions, manage procrastination and take action that will stand them in good stead for their studies and working lives. Packed with practical tips, this book will help students of all levels to fine-tune their time management skills, take control of their time and be more productive.


About This Book How to Use This Book Shape New Habits and Ways of Thinking 50 Ways Habits Shaper: Track Your Good Intentions My Progress So Far 20+ List Where to Find Out More References and Bibliography Index Notes.

Bloomsbury Publishing PLC
Red Globe Press
126 pages

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