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Organizational Behavior, eBook, Updated 18e, Global Edition (PDF eBook) 18th edition

Organizational Behavior, eBook, Updated 18e, Global Edition (PDF eBook) 18th edition

eBook by Robbins, Stephen P./Judge, Timothy A.

Organizational Behavior, eBook, Updated 18e, Global Edition (PDF eBook)


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Organizational Behavior, eBook, Updated 18e, Global Edition (PDF eBook)


Forundergraduate and graduate courses in organizational behavior. Help studentsbetter understand their behavioral and interpersonal skills Longconsidered the standard for all organizational behavior textbooks,OrganizationalBehaviorprovides the research you want, in the language yourstudents understand. This text continues its tradition of making current,relevant research come alive for readers. TheUpdated 18thEditionhas been thoroughly revised to reflect the most recentresearch and business events within the field of organizational behaviorworldwide, while maintaining its hallmark features a clear writing style,cutting-edge content, and intuitive pedagogy. Theres a reason why Robbinsstextbooks have educated millions of students and have been translated intotwenty languages and its because of a commitment that provides the kind ofengaging, cutting-edge material that helps students understand and connect withorganizational behavior.


PART 1:INTRODUCTION 1. WhatIs Organizational Behavior? PART 2:THE INDIVIDUAL 2.Diversity in Organizations 3.Attitudes and Job Satisfaction 4.Personality and Values 5.Perception and Individual Decision Making 6.Emotions and Moods 7.Motivation Concepts 8.Motivation: From Concepts to Applications PART 3:THE GROUP 9.Foundations of Group Behavior 10.Understanding Work Teams 11. Powerand Politics 12. Communication 13. Leadership 14.Foundations of Organization Structure PART 4:THE ORGANIZATION SYSTEM 15.Organizational Culture 16.Human Resource Policies and Practices 17.Organizational Change and Stress Management 18. Conflict andNegotiation

18th edition
784 pages
Publication Date:
07 Jun 2021

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