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Managing Innovation, Enhanced eText (ePub eBook) 7th Edition

Managing Innovation, Enhanced eText (ePub eBook) 7th Edition

eBook by Tidd, Joe/Bessant, John R.;

Managing Innovation, Enhanced eText (ePub eBook)


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Managing Innovation, Enhanced eText (ePub eBook)


Now in its seventh edition, Managing Innovation: Integrating Technological, Market and Organizational Change enables graduate and undergraduate students to develop the unique skill set and the foundational knowledge required to successfully manage innovation, technology, and new product development. This bestselling text has been fully updated with new data, new methods, and new concepts while still retaining its holistic approach the subject. The text provides an integrated, evidence-based methodology to innovation management that is supported by the latest academic research and the authors' extensive experience in real-world management practice. Students are provided with an impressive range of learning tools-including numerous case studies, illustrative examples, discussions questions, and key information boxes-to help them explore the innovation process and its relation to the markets, technology, and the organization. Research Notes examine the latest evidence and topics in the field, while Views from the Front Line offer insights from practicing innovation managers and connect the covered material to actual experiences and challenges. Throughout the text, students are encouraged to apply their knowledge and critical thinking skills to business model innovation, creativity, entrepreneurship, service innovation, and many more current and emerging approaches and practices.


ABOUT THE AUTHORS v PREFACE TO THE SIXTH EDITION vii HOW TO USE THIS BOOK: KEY FEATURES ix 1 Innovation - What It Is and Why It Matters 2 Innovation as a Core Business Process 3 Managing Digital Innovation 4 Developing an Innovation Strategy 5 Building the Innovative Organization 6 Sources of Innovation 7 Search Strategies for Innovation 8 Innovation Networks 9 Decision Making Under Uncertainty 10 Creating New Products and Services 11 Exploiting Open Innovation and Collaboration 12 Promoting Entrepreneurship and New Ventures 13 Capturing the Business Value of Innovation 14 Capturing Social Value 15 Capturing Learning from Innovation INDEX

7th Edition
624 pages
Publication Date:
04 Dec 2020

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