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Strategic Workforce Planning (ePub eBook)

Strategic Workforce Planning (ePub eBook)

eBook by Sparkman, Ross

Strategic Workforce Planning (ePub eBook)


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Strategic Workforce Planning (ePub eBook)


Strategic Workforce Planning is a practical guide to effectively assessing, managing and preparing for current and future workforce requirements. It demystifies the often complex and seemingly technical world of strategic workforce planning to explain what it is, why it's necessary and most importantly, how to do it. Packed full of advice and real-world examples, Strategic Workforce Planning is a playbook for workforce planning from beginning to end. It enables HR professionals to answer core business questions including how do I analyze future hiring demand? How do I assess what skills will be required in the future? How should I prioritize investments like training and development? How do I assess the supply of talent around the world? How do I identify the business drivers that impact workforce demand? It also covers the impact of artificial intelligence (AI), automation and machine learning on the global workforce and how to deal with these implications. Whether you're a start-up, small business or a large corporate, this book will show you how to align people strategy with company strategy to ensure your organization maintains its competitive advantage.


Chapter - 01: Introduction to Strategic Workforce Planning; Chapter - 02: Aligning Workforce and Corporate Strategies; Chapter - 03: Understanding Workforce Demand; Chapter - 04: Understanding Talent Supply; Chapter - 05: Workforce Segmentation; Chapter - 06: Total Cost of the Workforce; Chapter - 07: Skills-based Strategic Workforce Planning; Chapter - 08: Strategic Workforce Planning for Location Strategy; Chapter - 09: Strategic Workforce Planning for Contractors and the Contingent Workforce; Chapter - 10: Workforce Analytics; Chapter - 11: Creating an Effective Strategic Workforce Planning Function; Chapter - 12: The Role of Change Management in Strategic Workforce Planning; Chapter - 13: Strategic Workforce Planning for the Future of Work; Chapter - 14: Bringing it all Together;

Kogan Page
280 pages
Publication Date:
2 Mar 2018

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