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Heinemann Higher Mathematics Student Book - 2nd edition

Heinemann Higher Mathematics Student Book - 2nd edition

Paperback by Clarke, David; Goodall, Douglas; Dalton, John; Pennel, Jim; Ford, Carole; Sanaghan, Tom

Heinemann Higher Mathematics Student Book -

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Heinemann Higher Mathematics Student Book -


This bestselling series is written by an experienced team of Scottish authors and examiners. This Student Book includes: Complete coverage of the higher course, whilst the Revision Book gives plenty of confidence-building practice. Multiple-choice questions to offer complete support for the new multiple-choice paper. Worked examples and exam questions help consolidate learning and provide thorough exam preparation. 'Test-yourself' questions presenting opportunities for self-assessment. Clear diagrams convey key teaching points and help students to learn. Answers to all the questions are supplied for all-round support.


Unit 1 1 The straight line 2 Sets and functions 3 Graphs of functions 4 Trigonometry: graphs & equations 5 Recurrence relations 6 Differentiation Revision exercise 1A, 1B, 1C Unit 2 7 Polynomials 8 Quadratic functions 9 Integration 10 3-D trigonometry 11 Addition formulae 12 The circleRevision exercise 2A, 2B, 2C Unit 3 13 Vectors 14 Further calculus 15 Exponential & logarithmic functions 16 The wave function Revision exercise 3A, 3B, 3C Essential skills Specimen Unit assessment 1 (H) Specimen Unit assessment 2 (H) Specimen Unit assessment 3 (H) Specimen Course assessment Answers

2nd edition
Pearson Education Limited
448 pages
Publication Date:
11 Aug 2008

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