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Digital and Social Media Marketing: A Results-Driven Approach 2nd edition

Digital and Social Media Marketing: A Results-Driven Approach 2nd edition

Paperback by Heinze, Aleksej (KEDGE Business School, France); Fletcher, Gordon (University of Salford, UK); Rashid, Tahir (University of Salford, UK); Cruz, Ana (City College, University of Sheffield, Greece)

Digital and Social Media Marketing: A Results-Driven Approach


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Estimated Despatch 11 Aug 2022
Publication Date:
30 Apr 2020
Digital and Social Media Marketing: A Results-Driven Approach


The second edition of Digital and Social Media Marketing is an up-to-date, industry-led results-driven guide to digital marketing. Mixing academic theory with practical examples from a range of different organisations worldwide, it provides insight into, and techniques to enable, the creation, development and maintenance of a successful digital presence. This highly regarded textbook has been fully revised to bring the content up-to-date with the newest digital technologies. With topics including developing an effective digital presence, search engine optimization, and measuring brand awareness, the new edition also looks at digital ethics, General Data Protection Regulation and privacy, artificial intelligence and machine learning, and voice strategies. New international case studies are explored, including Alibaba and Amazon, as well as revised practical exercises in each chapter, enabling students to see how the concepts underpinning digital and social media marketing support business success. The book's customisable Digital Business Maturity Model, and the Buyer Persona Spring, offer organisations a clear road map for understanding their own levels of technology adoption and digital strategy development. This accessible textbook provides a hands-on, user-friendly platform to turn skills and knowledge into strategic advantage. It is ideal for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students of digital marketing and marketing strategy and for practitioners aiming to be at the cutting edge of digital and social media marketing. Alongside electronic resources for each chapter, this new edition also includes digital learning materials, case studies and exercises available in a supporting online learning environment. The online materials further enhance learners' experience and support a worldwide learning community.


Part 1: Introduction 0. A visual introduction to Digital and Social Media Marketing 1. Understanding Digital and Social Media Marketing concepts 2. Identifying business needs Part 2: Building your digital marketing strategy 3. Understanding your buyer persona 4. Digital and Social Media Marketing strategy Part 3: Operational planning 5. Campaign planning and project management 6. Developing an effective digital presence 7. Search engine optimisation: strategy implementation 8. Social media 9. Content marketing 10. Paid advertising - search, social and affiliate 11. Mobile marketing 12. Measuring brand awareness, campaign evaluation and web analytics 13. Future users, content and marketing

2nd edition
Taylor & Francis Ltd
336 pages

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