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Public Law (ePub eBook) 4th Revised edition

Public Law (ePub eBook) 4th Revised edition

eBook by Le Sueur, Andrew/Sunkin, Maurice/Murkens, Jo Eric Khushal

Public Law (ePub eBook)


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Public Law (ePub eBook)


Public Law: Text, Cases, and Materials offers a fresh approach to the study of constitutional and administrative law by exploring how the law works in practice.The inclusion of extracts from key cases, government reports and academic articles demonstrates the law in action and the incisive commentary that accompanies them explains the significance of each. The expert authors have distilled their knowledge of the institutions and legal principles into concise, focused prose, and they encourage reflection through regular questions and hypothetical examples.This leading text provides students with a thorough and wide-ranging knowledge of public law, together will a full understanding of the theoretical and political debates in this fascinating and dynamic area of law.Digital formats and resourcesThe fourth edition is available for students and institutions to purchase in a variety of formats, and is supported by online resources.- The e-book offers a mobile experience and convenient access along with functionality tools, navigation features and links that offer extra learning support: The online resources that support the book include:-Multiple choice questions with answers for students to test their feedback-Updates from the authors covering the latest developments in public law


I. Constitutional Fundamentals 1: Introduction to constitutional fundamentals 2: The constitutional rulebook 3: The legislative supremacy of the UK parliament 4: The rule of law 5: Separating and balancing powers 6: Multilevel governing within the United Kingdom 7: Protecting rights II. Executive Functions 8: Introduction to executive functions 9: Government and accountability 10: Prerogative powers 11: Case study: deployment of British armed forces abroad III. Legislative Functions 12: Introduction to legislative functions 13: Primary legislation 14: Delegated legislation 15: Case study: constitutionally contested legislation IV. Judicial and Dispute Resolution Functions 16: Introduction to judicial and dispute resolution functions 17: The judiciary 18: Administrative justice: tribunals and ombudsmen 19: Judicial review 20: Using human rights in United Kingdom courts V. The European Union 21: Institutions of the European Union 22: Joining, leaving, transitioning: the UK's relationship with the European Union 23: European Union law in the United Kingdom courts

4th Revised edition
Oxford University Press
OUP Oxford
944 pages
Publication Date:
21 Aug 2019

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