Welcome to Kortext! Funded by Middlesex University, London

Access Your Bookshelf

As part of your studies Middlesex University are providing you with one core etextbook for each of your modules, which you can access through Kortext. Kortext lets you make notes, highlight, collaborate with other students, and load in other content like journal articles or library ebooks.

It's a great way to keep all of your digital course material in one place, with easy access anytime, anywhere and on any device!

1.Log in to your university email through the MyEmail portal on UniHub.

2.Look out for your email from Kortext - this will have your log in details.

3.Visit app.kortext.com and enter your log in details.



1. Check out MDX's guides on UniHub

2. Email: moc/txetrok//troppus

3. Ask for help in the Library

Download the Kortext Apps from the Apple App Store (Apple Devices), Google Play Store (Android) or Microsoft Store (Windows)