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The University and John Smith's have set up a joint scheme to help you make the very best of your time at the University by improving access to the learning tools you need to support your studies

What is the Aspire Books Scheme?

Students who qualify for the Chester Aspire Books Scheme in 2020/21 will receive a pack of books relevant to their course, as chosen by the Course Leaders.

Am I eligible?

Full-time Home, EU and International students, on full-time courses, in their first year at the University, who commence an undergraduate degree in September 2020, or later, and pay the fee levels set for new students for 2020, will be eligible.

If I am eligible how and when will I receive the books?

You do not need to apply for the Chester Aspire Books Scheme - but you do need to register your details with John Smith's.

To do this you need to go through the following processes:

  • As part of your registration process, you will be asked to confirm your agreement to basic details being passed to John Smith's so that they can identify you as an eligible student.
  • You then need to go to the John Smith's Distribution Centre during registration week in order to link your student ID card to the books:
    Small Hall on Parkgate Campus or
    Room 029 in the Martin Building at Warrington Campus
  • At the same time, you will be asked to create a 4-digit PIN number to ensure that your funds can only be accessed by you - as with all PIN numbers you should not disclose this to anyone else.
  • You will then receive your Aspire Books Package - as long as you have completed the above processes.

Am I able to obtain any of the included items for my course prior to arriving at the University?

Before you can collect books supplied for your course, it is necessary to enrol and get your student ID card. Online Enrolment normally commences in September and the majority of books distributed to students will be issued on campus during induction week for new students, or once term commences.

How many books will I get?

The number of books supplied may vary depending on the course you are studying, and what books your Course Director has specified as essential for the course stage.

Am I expected to have read any of the Aspire Books before I arrive at the University?

While you can do reading and preparation for your studies before your arrival, the books being provided will be issued during induction week and the first week of teaching.

Do I get to keep the books?

Yes. Once collected, the books are yours and belong to you. However, if you change or transfer course, you will need to return the books issued for the year in an unused condition before any further books for your new course can be issued.

What if I lose one or more of my 'Aspire Books' or they are stolen?

Unfortunately there is one set of books per student, and no extra books will be ordered by the University. If a book is lost or stolen, no replacement can be provided. However you can purchase a replacement yourself from the John Smith's website or access books in the Library.

Why are the Aspire Books free?

Your fees for the course cover the payment for these core books, and the University of Chester is committed to ensuring value for money and that Year 1 students have access when they begin their studies to tools for learning and success.

Where do I collect my Aspire Books?

You will collect your Aspire Books from the campus you are studying at.

  • Details to follow.

Where do I go if I have a query?

For general queries about the scheme and how it works please visit email us


Students who qualify for the Chester Aspire Books Scheme in 2020 will receive a pack of books relevant to their course, as chosen by the Course Leaders.