First year undergraduates at University of Bolton - view the scheme video here.

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First Years:

Hello and welcome to UniAsItShouldBe engagement scheme, here at The University of Bolton. My name's Jack Lofthouse and I am your engagement partner.

The UniAsItShouldBe engagement scheme will provide all eligible undergraduate students up to £150 in each year of their studies as a cashless bursary that doesn't have to be paid back.

You can use your funds to purchase all the resources you will need to succeed on your course as well as everything you will need to improve your student experience.

You can choose to spend your award on the UniAsItShouldBe website on books and ebooks as well as stationary, laptops, specialist equipment and anything else you will need to succeed on your course. These items will all be delivered directly to your home or university accommodation address.

You can use your funds online at

To access your account, go to the website, click the login button and enter your University of Bolton username and password.

You can also spend your funds in the on campus SU shop.

In your 1st year your award will be paid in 3 £50 installments:

  • Your first £50 will be awarded just 24 hours after you've enrolled, and you will be able to immediately spend this on the website.
  • To receive your remaining award, you will need to complete your LEAP Ahead Questionnaire and 15 LEAP Online Badges.

Don't worry if you don't know what these are just yet, your course leader will explain more about this in your first lecture and I will you a welcome email once you have enrolled, you can also find out more in the LEAP Online section of Moodle.

That's all from me, to find out more please do visit the website. And if you have any questions my email is ku/oc/ebdluohstisainu//ecivres/remotsuc or drop us a DM on our Instagram account which is @UniAsItShouldBe. Be sure to follow this account to keep up to date with everything happening.

Thank you very much for watching and good luck with your course.

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