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A Blog by Elliott - A 3rd Year University of Chester student - Chester Specific

A Blog by Elliott - A 3rd Year University of Chester student - Chester Specific

I would like to dedicate this blog post to the city itself. Having been in Chester for the past 3 years has given me a pretty good insight into what you can do and where, so sit back and get ready to wow your new mates with your somewhat spooky knowledge of a city you've never visited.

The first thing I want to point stress is the sheer number of pubs and bars located in the city centre, so you will have no trouble getting a little bonding time with your new mates.


Some of the key points I would suggest is the Bull and Stirrup, the closest spoons to everyone. The next is of course the SU bar located on the campus, the final few I would advise you check out is first the Red Lion, Brewery tap and Telford warehouse.

There are a great number of shopping locations too, charity shops coming out the wazoo if you're into saving a few bucks, however there is also the Grosvenor shopping centre on the main high street in Chester. If you're looking for an outlet then Cheshire Oaks is the place to be, a 15-minute bus journey will get you there no problem

Now if its walks and hikes you're into there are also plenty of those for you to vibe with, the walls are of course the obvious choice here, taking the scenic route into town is a common thing. There is also a 2 hour walk through Chester meadows that I have personally done. The best thing though is the proximity to Wales. This warrants a great deal of walks you can do.  Either driving or getting a train gives you access to these incredible hikes/climbs.


I hope this quick guide gives you the knowledge you need to get on here in Chester.

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