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A Blog by Elliott - A 3rd Year University of Chester -Extra's here at Uni

A Blog by Elliott - A 3rd Year University of Chester -Extra's here at Uni

Chester Aspire Blog - Extra's to do at University:

It's another quick blog form Elliott here at aspire, this week I'll be talking to you about a few little things you can do here at the University to enhance that CV of yours and maybe earn a little bit of money while you're at it.


The first thing I want to suggest is that you go to the careers centre on Exton Campus, they personally helped me a lot with my CV, and my personal statement for my post-graduate application; they're experts in making sure YOU look appealing to employers so if you take anything from this blog it's the amount of help, they can offer you so get booking those sessions!

The next tip I have to give you is go to the careers fairs here at the University, these are there for YOU to network with companies, and future job opportunities so what do you have to loose, on the same token, us over here at Chester Aspire have events coming out the wazoo with similar help and tips with careers so why not sign up you'll definitely learn a thing or two.

The University needs ambassadors! Be that digital or a open day ambassador, this look great on the CV as you're getting out there and representing the University while helping out those prospective students; when I say it gave me a lot of skills to add on my CV I'm not lying. The good bit about this is you can get paid; yeah PAID, helps buy the coffee, food shops or maybe a pint or two? Here is a quick opportunity for you as well, Ollie and I won't be here forever, in fact this our last year so we need some replacements, two individuals to step into our boots (very snazzy boots at that) so why not drop Suzanne an email, or shoot us a message on the Instagram? We'd love to hear what you have to say; this is a great opportunity.

I hope these have helped you grab a couple extra bits for your CV, making you all that bit more employable!

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