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Rules of Living Well, The

Rules of Living Well, The

Paperback by Templar, Richard

Rules of Living Well, The


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Rules of Living Well, The


A personal code for a healthier, happier you When did life get so busy? Work, family, exercise - they're all important but there's never enough time. How can you effortlessly achieve a healthy balance between them all so you can reach your potential? The Rules of Living Well are here to help. Covering everything from mindfulness, mental health, wellbeing, longevity, energy, balance, perspective, relaxation to exercise, you'll find simple ways to have a healthy attitude and be your best self. What are you waiting for?


1 It's not all about you 2 It's not all about other people 3 Look outwards 4 Stay out of the sand 5 Follow your ups and downs 6 Draw tidy lines 7 Remember what you're balancing 8 Do what you want now 9 Live in the past, the present and the future 10 Your feelings are your own 11 Know yourself 12 Accept your weaknesses 13 Like yourself 14 Words can change you 15 Difference is a good thing 16 Don't assume the worst 17 You're in charge 18 You're not alone 19 Steel beats iron 20 Hit the off button 21 Be prepared 22 Get it in writing 23 Weigh yourself up 24 Go easy 25 You think therefore you are 26 Find the humour 27 Think yourself exercised 28 You can't avoid exercise 29 Exercise isn't a dirty word 30 It's not about how you look 31 Habit is a good thing ... 32 ... but you're in charge 33 Keep a lid on it 34 Find your space 35 Keep it quick 36 Train your mind to relax 37 Plan your breaks 38 You won't relax if you don't try 39 Live in the present 40 Relax holistically 41 Get out of yourself 42 Get a good night's sleep 43 Love the sunshine 44 Zen it 45 You really are what you eat 46 Don't get picky 47 Nurture your relationship 48 Understand your issues 49 Beware food rules 50 Don't diet 51 Don't get hooked on sugar 52 Food isn't wicked 53 It's not all about your weight 54 Enjoy! 55 Pick what you enjoy 56 Find motivation 57 Decide what you want to show for it 58 Stay out of the ruts 59 Find your forte 60 Get your hands dirty 61 Enjoy your mistakes 62 Don't slow down 63 You can't turn it off 64 Reflect 65 Remember to drain the swamp 66 Nobody's perfect 67 Know yourself 68 Trust your own judgement 69 Be honest with yourself 70 Communicate 71 Nurture your relationship 72 Stay healthy 73 Stay motivated 74 Don't up the ante 75 Create boundaries 76 Have switch-off time 77 Be flexible 78 Stay in synch 79 Enjoy your surroundings 80 Create order 81 Move 82 Take a day off 83 Talk 84 Mind the team 85 Now is not forever 86 You don't have to do it all at once 87 When the kids fly, you can too 88 Manage your family 89 Redraw your relationship 90 You can't do nothing 91 Age gracefully 92 Learn to accept help 93 Know your doctor 94 Say what you're thinking 95 Expect the unexpected 96 It is what it is 97 Embrace the change 98 Ride the shock wave 99 There are no shortcuts 100 Forgive and don't forget These are the Rules How to use the Rules

Pearson Education Limited
Pearson Business
248 pages
Publication Date:
25 Nov 2020

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