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Case Studies and Theory Development in the Social SciencesCASE STUDIES AND THEORY DEVELOPMENT IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES£28.00Essential
Comparative PoliticsCOMPARATIVE POLITICS£37.99Essential
Arab Spring, The: Pathways of Repression and ReformARAB SPRING, THE: PATHWAYS OF REPRESSION AND REFORM£25.99Recommended
Comparative Politics Today: A World View, Global EditionCOMPARATIVE POLITICS TODAY: A WORLD VIEW, GLOBAL EDITION£60.99Recommended
 War and Change in the Balkans: Nationalism, Conflict and... WAR AND CHANGE IN THE BALKANS: NATIONALISM, CONFLICT AND...£26.99Recommended
 War and Change in the Balkans: Nationalism, Conflict and... WAR AND CHANGE IN THE BALKANS: NATIONALISM, CONFLICT AND...£52.00Recommended
 Beyond State Crisis?: Post-Colonial Africa and Post-Soviet Eurasia in... BEYOND STATE CRISIS?: POST-COLONIAL AFRICA AND POST-SOVIET EURASIA IN...£16.50Background Reading
Comparative Historical Analysis in the Social SciencesCOMPARATIVE HISTORICAL ANALYSIS IN THE SOCIAL SCIENCES£24.99Background Reading
Culture and Consensus in European Varieties of CapitalismCULTURE AND CONSENSUS IN EUROPEAN VARIETIES OF CAPITALISMeBook - click here for purchasing options£70.00Background Reading
Culture and Pedagogy: International Comparisons in Primary EducationCULTURE AND PEDAGOGY: INTERNATIONAL COMPARISONS IN PRIMARY EDUCATION£36.50Background Reading
Education Around the World (PDF eBook)EDUCATION AROUND THE WORLD (PDF EBOOK)eBook - click here for purchasing options£35.63Background Reading
Future of the Capitalist State, TheFUTURE OF THE CAPITALIST STATE, THE£18.99Background Reading
Global Issues and Comparative Education (PDF eBook)GLOBAL ISSUES AND COMPARATIVE EDUCATION (PDF EBOOK)eBook - click here for purchasing options£19.19Background Reading
 Globalization and the Postcolonial World: The New Political Economy... GLOBALIZATION AND THE POSTCOLONIAL WORLD: THE NEW POLITICAL ECONOMY...£14.50Background Reading
International Political Economy of Work and EmployabilityINTERNATIONAL POLITICAL ECONOMY OF WORK AND EMPLOYABILITYeBook - click here for purchasing options£64.99Background Reading
Money and the Middle AgesMONEY AND THE MIDDLE AGES£15.99Background Reading
Money and the Middle AgesMONEY AND THE MIDDLE AGES£50.00Background Reading
 New Production of Knowledge, The: The Dynamics of Science... NEW PRODUCTION OF KNOWLEDGE, THE: THE DYNAMICS OF SCIENCE...£36.99Background Reading
 Origins of Nonliberal Capitalism, The: Germany and Japan in... ORIGINS OF NONLIBERAL CAPITALISM, THE: GERMANY AND JAPAN IN...£24.99Background Reading
Politics of Identity in Small Plural SocietiesPOLITICS OF IDENTITY IN SMALL PLURAL SOCIETIESeBook - click here for purchasing options£79.50Background Reading
Small States in World Markets: Industrial Policy in EuropeSMALL STATES IN WORLD MARKETS: INDUSTRIAL POLICY IN EUROPE£20.99Background Reading
Varieties of Capitalism, Varieties of ApproachesVARIETIES OF CAPITALISM, VARIETIES OF APPROACHESeBook - click here for purchasing options£109.50Background Reading
Virtue, Fortune, and Faith: A Genealogy of FinanceVIRTUE, FORTUNE, AND FAITH: A GENEALOGY OF FINANCE£18.99Background Reading
Work after Globalization (PDF eBook)WORK AFTER GLOBALIZATION (PDF EBOOK)eBook - click here for purchasing options£33.60Background Reading
WTO, The: Crisis and the Governance of Global TradeWTO, THE: CRISIS AND THE GOVERNANCE OF GLOBAL TRADE£41.99Background Reading