Visualizing Research: A Guide to the Research Process in... VISUALIZING RESEARCH: A GUIDE TO THE RESEARCH PROCESS IN...£30.09Essential
 Visualizing Research: A Guide to the Research Process in... VISUALIZING RESEARCH: A GUIDE TO THE RESEARCH PROCESS IN...£30.09Essential
3D Printing for Artists, Designers and Makers3D PRINTING FOR ARTISTS, DESIGNERS AND MAKERS£31.99Recommended
About LookingABOUT LOOKING£10.99Recommended
Aesthetics of Installation ArtAESTHETICS OF INSTALLATION ART£16.50Recommended
Aesthetics of Interaction in Digital ArtAESTHETICS OF INTERACTION IN DIGITAL ART£32.00Recommended
Anti-aesthetic: Essays on Post Modern CultureANTI-AESTHETIC: ESSAYS ON POST MODERN CULTURE£19.99Recommended
Antinomies of Art and Culture: Modernity, Postmodernity, ContemporaneityANTINOMIES OF ART AND CULTURE: MODERNITY, POSTMODERNITY, CONTEMPORANEITY£24.99Recommended
 Anywhere or Not at All: The Philosophy of Contemporary... ANYWHERE OR NOT AT ALL: THE PHILOSOPHY OF CONTEMPORARY...£19.95Recommended
Art After Conceptual ArtART AFTER CONCEPTUAL ART£30.00Recommended
Art and ObscenityART AND OBSCENITY£21.99Recommended
 Art in Theory 1900 - 2000: An Anthology of... ART IN THEORY 1900 - 2000: AN ANTHOLOGY OF...£29.00Recommended
Art PowerART POWER£15.99Recommended
Art Practice as Research: Inquiry in Visual ArtsART PRACTICE AS RESEARCH: INQUIRY IN VISUAL ARTS£79.00Recommended
Art School: (Propositions for the 21st Century)ART SCHOOL: (PROPOSITIONS FOR THE 21ST CENTURY)£38.00Recommended
Art Since 1900: Modernism * Antimodernism * PostmodernismART SINCE 1900: MODERNISM * ANTIMODERNISM * POSTMODERNISM£48.00Recommended
Artificial Hells: Participatory Art and the Politics of SpectatorshipARTIFICIAL HELLS: PARTICIPATORY ART AND THE POLITICS OF SPECTATORSHIP£19.99Recommended
Artistic Research Methodology: Narrative, Power and the PublicARTISTIC RESEARCH METHODOLOGY: NARRATIVE, POWER AND THE PUBLIC£25.95Recommended
But is it Art?: Spirit of Art as ActivismBUT IS IT ART?: SPIRIT OF ART AS ACTIVISM£14.99Recommended
Camera Lucida: Reflections on PhotographyCAMERA LUCIDA: REFLECTIONS ON PHOTOGRAPHY£9.99Recommended
Century of Artists' Books, TheCENTURY OF ARTISTS' BOOKS, THE£27.00Recommended
Contemporary Art and the Cosmopolitan ImaginationCONTEMPORARY ART AND THE COSMOPOLITAN IMAGINATION£31.99Recommended
Contemporary Art in Asia: A Critical ReaderCONTEMPORARY ART IN ASIA: A CRITICAL READER£28.00Recommended
Contemporary DrawingCONTEMPORARY DRAWING£30.00Recommended
Contemporary Painting in ContextCONTEMPORARY PAINTING IN CONTEXT£25.50Recommended
Craft of Research, TheCRAFT OF RESEARCH, THE£14.00Recommended
Critical Mass: Printmaking Beyond the EdgeCRITICAL MASS: PRINTMAKING BEYOND THE EDGE£55.00Recommended
Curatorial, The: A Philosophy of CuratingCURATORIAL, THE: A PHILOSOPHY OF CURATING£95.00Recommended
Digital ArtDIGITAL ART£12.95Recommended
Discipline and Punish: The Birth of the PrisonDISCIPLINE AND PUNISH: THE BIRTH OF THE PRISON£12.99Recommended
Feminism and Visual Culture Reader, TheFEMINISM AND VISUAL CULTURE READER, THE£110.00Recommended
Feminism and Visual Culture Reader, TheFEMINISM AND VISUAL CULTURE READER, THE£38.99Recommended
For SpaceFOR SPACE£107.00Recommended
For SpaceFOR SPACE£34.99Recommended
 Global Contemporary and the Rise of New Art Worlds,... GLOBAL CONTEMPORARY AND THE RISE OF NEW ART WORLDS,...£45.00Recommended
Hans Ulrich Obrist: A Brief History of CuratingHANS ULRICH OBRIST: A BRIEF HISTORY OF CURATING£12.95Recommended
History of Artists' Film and Video in Britain, AHISTORY OF ARTISTS' FILM AND VIDEO IN BRITAIN, A£40.99Recommended
 Hold It Against Me: Difficulty and Emotion in Contemporary... HOLD IT AGAINST ME: DIFFICULTY AND EMOTION IN CONTEMPORARY...£20.99Recommended
 Human Factor, The: Uses of the Figure in Contemporary... HUMAN FACTOR, THE: USES OF THE FIGURE IN CONTEMPORARY...£30.00Recommended
Hybrid PrintsHYBRID PRINTS£17.99Recommended
 Image and the Witness - Trauma, Memory, and Visual... IMAGE AND THE WITNESS - TRAUMA, MEMORY, AND VISUAL...£20.00Recommended
 Imagining the Audience - Viewing Positions in Curatorial and... IMAGINING THE AUDIENCE - VIEWING POSITIONS IN CURATORIAL AND...£29.95Recommended
 Inside the White Cube: The Ideology of the Gallery... INSIDE THE WHITE CUBE: THE IDEOLOGY OF THE GALLERY...£27.00Recommended
Institutional Critique: An Anthology of Artists' WritingsINSTITUTIONAL CRITIQUE: AN ANTHOLOGY OF ARTISTS' WRITINGS£50.00Recommended
Invisible CitiesINVISIBLE CITIES£8.99Recommended
Kant after DuchampKANT AFTER DUCHAMP£40.00Recommended
Language of New Media, TheLANGUAGE OF NEW MEDIA, THE£30.00Recommended
Listening to Noise and Silence (PDF eBook)LISTENING TO NOISE AND SILENCE (PDF EBOOK)eBook - click here for purchasing options£22.66Recommended
Location of Culture, TheLOCATION OF CULTURE, THE£18.99Recommended
 Materializing  Six Years : Lucy R. Lippard and... MATERIALIZING SIX YEARS : LUCY R. LIPPARD AND...£40.00Recommended
New MediaNEW MEDIAeBook - click here for purchasing options£21.99Recommended
 New Media in the White Cube and Beyond: Curatorial... NEW MEDIA IN THE WHITE CUBE AND BEYOND: CURATORIAL...£30.95Recommended
Non-Places: An Introduction to SupermodernityNON-PLACES: AN INTRODUCTION TO SUPERMODERNITY£10.99Recommended
On PhotographyON PHOTOGRAPHY£9.99Recommended
One and the ManyONE AND THE MANYeBook - click here for purchasing options£33.54Recommended
One Place after Another: Site-Specific Art and Locational IdentityONE PLACE AFTER ANOTHER: SITE-SPECIFIC ART AND LOCATIONAL IDENTITY£22.00Recommended
Painting as ModelPAINTING AS MODEL£38.00Recommended
Parallel Texts: Interviews and Interventions About ArtPARALLEL TEXTS: INTERVIEWS AND INTERVENTIONS ABOUT ART£19.95Recommended
Perform, Repeat, Record: Live Art in HistoryPERFORM, REPEAT, RECORD: LIVE ART IN HISTORY£53.50Recommended
Performing the Body/Performing the TextPERFORMING THE BODY/PERFORMING THE TEXTeBook - click here for purchasing options£21.99Recommended
Photography Theory in Historical PerspectivePHOTOGRAPHY THEORY IN HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE£28.00Recommended
Photography: A Critical IntroductionPHOTOGRAPHY: A CRITICAL INTRODUCTION£110.00Recommended
Photography: A Critical IntroductionPHOTOGRAPHY: A CRITICAL INTRODUCTION£34.57Recommended
Photography: History and TheoryPHOTOGRAPHY: HISTORY AND THEORY£115.00Recommended
Photography: History and TheoryPHOTOGRAPHY: HISTORY AND THEORY£40.99Recommended
Place (PDF eBook)PLACE (PDF EBOOK)eBook - click here for purchasing options£24.90Recommended
Place of Artists' Cinema Space, Site and Screen, ThePLACE OF ARTISTS' CINEMA SPACE, SITE AND SCREEN, THE£30.00Recommended
Pop Art and Vernacular CulturesPOP ART AND VERNACULAR CULTURES£25.00Recommended
Post-Modern Reader, ThePOST-MODERN READER, THE£29.99Recommended
Practical Aesthetics: Events, Affects and Art After 9/11PRACTICAL AESTHETICS: EVENTS, AFFECTS AND ART AFTER 9/11£18.99Recommended
Production of Space, ThePRODUCTION OF SPACE, THE£28.00Recommended
Relational AestheticsRELATIONAL AESTHETICS£11.95Recommended
 Replacing Home: From Primordial Hut to Digital Network in... REPLACING HOME: FROM PRIMORDIAL HUT TO DIGITAL NETWORK IN...£62.00Recommended
 Replacing Home: From Primordial Hut to Digital Network in... REPLACING HOME: FROM PRIMORDIAL HUT TO DIGITAL NETWORK IN...£19.99Recommended
Research in Art and Design Education (PDF eBook)RESEARCH IN ART AND DESIGN EDUCATION (PDF EBOOK)eBook - click here for purchasing options£28.80Recommended
 Return to the Postcolony - Specters of Colonialism in... RETURN TO THE POSTCOLONY - SPECTERS OF COLONIALISM IN...£16.50Recommended
Revolution At Point ZeroREVOLUTION AT POINT ZERO£14.99Recommended
Routledge Companion to Aesthetics, TheROUTLEDGE COMPANION TO AESTHETICS, THE£54.99Recommended
Seeing Witness: Visuality and the Ethics of TestimonySEEING WITNESS: VISUALITY AND THE ETHICS OF TESTIMONY£19.99Recommended
Sinister Resonance (PDF eBook)SINISTER RESONANCE (PDF EBOOK)eBook - click here for purchasing options£14.99Recommended
Space, Knowledge and PowerSPACE, KNOWLEDGE AND POWEReBook - click here for purchasing options£30.00Recommended
Studio, TheSTUDIO, THE£16.95Recommended
 Tamarind Touchstones: Fabulous at Fifty: Celebrating Excellence in Fine... TAMARIND TOUCHSTONES: FABULOUS AT FIFTY: CELEBRATING EXCELLENCE IN FINE...£36.00Recommended
Terra InfirmaTERRA INFIRMAeBook - click here for purchasing options£24.98Recommended
 Theories and Documents of Contemporary Art: A Sourcebook of... THEORIES AND DOCUMENTS OF CONTEMPORARY ART: A SOURCEBOOK OF...£29.00Recommended
UnmarkedUNMARKEDeBook - click here for purchasing options£22.99Recommended
Visual and Other PleasuresVISUAL AND OTHER PLEASURES£82.00Recommended
Visual and Other PleasuresVISUAL AND OTHER PLEASURES£22.00Recommended
Visual Culture: The ReaderVISUAL CULTURE: THE READER£111.00Recommended
Visual Culture: The ReaderVISUAL CULTURE: THE READER£36.99Recommended
Visual Methodologies: An Introduction to Researching with Visual MaterialsVISUAL METHODOLOGIES: AN INTRODUCTION TO RESEARCHING WITH VISUAL MATERIALS£27.29Recommended
 Visual Politics of Psychoanalysis: Art and the Image in... VISUAL POLITICS OF PSYCHOANALYSIS: ART AND THE IMAGE IN...£21.99Recommended
What is Contemporary Art?WHAT IS CONTEMPORARY ART?£22.00Recommended