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Crimes Against Nature: Environmental Criminology and Ecological JusticeCRIMES AGAINST NATURE: ENVIRONMENTAL CRIMINOLOGY AND ECOLOGICAL JUSTICE£85.00Essential
Crimes Against Nature: Environmental Criminology and Ecological JusticeCRIMES AGAINST NATURE: ENVIRONMENTAL CRIMINOLOGY AND ECOLOGICAL JUSTICE£30.59Essential
Eco-global Crimes (PDF eBook)ECO-GLOBAL CRIMES (PDF EBOOK)eBook - click here for purchasing options£65.00Essential
Eco-global Crimes: Contemporary Problems and Future ChallengesECO-GLOBAL CRIMES: CONTEMPORARY PROBLEMS AND FUTURE CHALLENGES£106.25Essential
 Emerging Issues in Green Criminology: Exploring Power, Justice and... EMERGING ISSUES IN GREEN CRIMINOLOGY: EXPLORING POWER, JUSTICE AND...£52.49Essential
Issues in Green CriminologyISSUES IN GREEN CRIMINOLOGY£68.00Essential
Issues in Green CriminologyISSUES IN GREEN CRIMINOLOGY£30.59Essential
Animal LiberationANIMAL LIBERATION£14.44Recommended
Animal Rights: Current Debates and New DirectionsANIMAL RIGHTS: CURRENT DEBATES AND NEW DIRECTIONS£15.72Recommended
 Animal Underworld: Inside America's Black Market for Rare and... ANIMAL UNDERWORLD: INSIDE AMERICA'S BLACK MARKET FOR RARE AND...£10.19Recommended
Confronting Animal AbuseCONFRONTING ANIMAL ABUSEeBook - click here for purchasing options£120.00Recommended
Cyberprotest: Environmental Activism OnlineCYBERPROTEST: ENVIRONMENTAL ACTIVISM ONLINE£13.59Recommended
Defining Environmental Justice: Theories, Movements, and NatureDEFINING ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE: THEORIES, MOVEMENTS, AND NATURE£27.19Recommended
Eco Crime and Genetically Modified FoodECO CRIME AND GENETICALLY MODIFIED FOOD£28.89Recommended
Ecological Ethics: An IntroductionECOLOGICAL ETHICS: AN INTRODUCTION£15.29Recommended
Eco-Terrorism: Radical Environmental and Animal Liberation MovementsECO-TERRORISM: RADICAL ENVIRONMENTAL AND ANIMAL LIBERATION MOVEMENTS£42.50Recommended
Eco-Warriors, Nihilistic Terrorists, and the EnvironmentECO-WARRIORS, NIHILISTIC TERRORISTS, AND THE ENVIRONMENTeBook - click here for purchasing options£51.60Recommended
Environmental Crime: A ReaderENVIRONMENTAL CRIME: A READER£38.24Recommended
Environmental Crime: A ReaderENVIRONMENTAL CRIME: A READER£93.50Recommended
Environmental HarmENVIRONMENTAL HARMeBook - click here for purchasing options£90.00Recommended
Green Criminology & Wildlife TraffickingGREEN CRIMINOLOGY & WILDLIFE TRAFFICKING£56.95Recommended
 Green Criminology: An Introduction to the Study of Environmental... GREEN CRIMINOLOGY: AN INTRODUCTION TO THE STUDY OF ENVIRONMENTAL...£38.24Recommended
 International Handbook of Animal Abuse and Cruelty, The: Theory,... INTERNATIONAL HANDBOOK OF ANIMAL ABUSE AND CRUELTY, THE: THEORY,...£56.06Recommended
Link Between Animal Abuse & Human ViolenceLINK BETWEEN ANIMAL ABUSE & HUMAN VIOLENCE£19.51Recommended
Sold into Extinction: The Global Trade in Endangered SpeciesSOLD INTO EXTINCTION: THE GLOBAL TRADE IN ENDANGERED SPECIESeBook - click here for purchasing options£49.20Recommended
Treadmill of Crime, The: Political Economy and Green CriminologyTREADMILL OF CRIME, THE: POLITICAL ECONOMY AND GREEN CRIMINOLOGY£28.04Recommended
Understanding Animal Abuse: A Sociological AnalysisUNDERSTANDING ANIMAL ABUSE: A SOCIOLOGICAL ANALYSIS£8.49Recommended
Zoopolis: A Political Theory of Animal RightsZOOPOLIS: A POLITICAL THEORY OF ANIMAL RIGHTS£17.84Recommended