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The University and JS Group have devised this list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to help students better understand the UniAsItShouldBe scheme


Getting the cashless bursary

Q. What is the scheme designed to achieve?

A. The scheme is designed to promote and reward participation in activities that will help you in your progression through the University and in achieving employment outcomes. It provides you with credit on an account which then gives access to a range of items to enhance your learning, belonging or your ability to succeed.

Q. How can I get the £150 in each year of study?

A. Please see the table above. Please note that any triggers missed will not be awarded retrospectively in subsequent years.

Q. How do I login and when will I know when my awards have been made?

A. Login to your University email. Look for an e-mail from ku/oc/ebdluohstisainu//ecivres/remotsuc and follow the instructions. This will enable you to log onto the uniasitshouldbe.co.uk website, so that you can start spending your award. Each time a new award is made you will be notified in the same way.

Q. I'm starting my course in January 2020 or May 2020; will I be able to get the cashless bursary?

A. Yes. The award is for all new Full Time Undergraduate students commencing their studies (at level 3 or 4, based on the University campus) from September 2019 onwards studying a two, three or four year programme. The award is available only to those starting at the normal beginning of the course and not those entering via advanced entry.

Q. I am studying part time; will I still be eligible for the award?

A. No. The award is limited to full time students only at this time.

Q. If I'm entitled to the £150 for 2019/20, will the same amount be paid in subsequent years of my course?

A. Yes subject to you remaining on the same course of study that you commenced in 2019/20 and remaining a full-time student. You will of course need to complete the work (triggers) as identified for each payment.

Q. Can the award be taken back from me once it has been credited?

A. Not if it has been spent. Also there is no requirement to spend all the funds in your first year, unspent funds could be rolled into subsequent years to help with costs later in your period of study. Only in exceptional circumstances would the award be rescinded or your account with JS Group be frozen or closed, e.g. when students leave the University or if there is any misconduct in relation to their accounts. If the funds have been spent there would be no requirement to repay spent funds.


Q. How do I know if I am eligible?

A. The award is for all new Full Time Undergraduate students commencing their studies (at level 3 or 4, based on the University campus) from September 2019 onwards on a two, three or four year programme.

The following students will not be eligible.

  • Part-time Students
  • PGCE Students
  • Postgraduate Students
  • Access Students
  • Apprenticeships
  • Erasmus Students
  • Students whose course is taught predominately off the University campus

Q. I am enrolled with the University, but I am based at a partner institution including another university or a college, am I eligible?

A. No. The current requirement for eligibility is that the whole of the course must be delivered at a University of Bolton campus (or at the location of any associated placements if applicable).

Q. What if I'm a second or third year student, can I still get the cashless bursary?

A. No. To be entitled to the cashless bursary, you must be classed as a brand new foundation year or first year student who has commenced their studies from September 2019 onwards.

Changes in my circumstances

Q. What happens if I change courses having received the award or part of the award?

A. If you transfer course your new course must meet the eligibility criteria for you to continue receiving the award. If the transfer extends the time you will spend studying at the University the award will be capped based on the original course duration less anything you have received to date.

Q. What happens if I interrupt my studies?

A. In the event of a formal interruption to your studies which is agreed with the University, your account would be frozen which means you would not be able to buy anything with any unspent credit until such time as you re-registered and resumed your studies and your account was re-activated. You will not receive any additional credit where your interruption extends the length of your studies.

Q. What happens if I am suspended pending disciplinary action?

A. Your account would be frozen which means you would not be able to buy anything with any unspent credit until such time as your suspension was lifted and your account was re-activated. Re-activation of your account would, however, be dependent on the award scheme still running at the point your suspension was lifted. You will not receive any additional credit where your suspension extends the length of your studies.

Q. What happens if I repeat a year of study or part of a year of study?

A. The award will continue to be paid during the period of time you are repeating your studies however the maximum value of the award will not increase to reflect any additional period of time you are studying for i.e. if you qualify for the award and are studying on a three year course the maximum you will be entitled to is £450 plus if you have studied at Bolton College an additional £350. If you start on a three year course but it takes you four years to complete you will receive a maximum of £450 over the first three years of study.

Spending the credit

Q. Where can I spend it?

A. The cashless bursary will come in the form of credit which will be directly added to your individual UniAsItShouldBe account and can be used to purchase items at the UniAsItShouldBe online website www.uniasitshouldbe.co.uk. JS Group, the partner appointed by the University, runs this website.

Q. Will I be able to buy course books with my award?

A. Yes, key books on your reading lists should be available to be purchased through the UniAsItShouldBe website - in addition to a range of other resources designed to help with your studies. The scheme is designed to complement any mandatory resources provided to you under the 'no hidden extras' scheme which would not need to be purchased using these funds. You can also search your course on the UniAsItShouldBe website, the key readings that are available to purchase under the scheme will be listed.

Q. Do I have to spend the money all at once?

A. No, these funds are designed to support you during the course of your studies. You can carry credit over to later in the year or to subsequent years to provide help in the later stages of your programme although it cannot be carried beyond the time you leave the University.

Q. Do I have to pay the award back when I leave the University?

A. No, this is an award designed to support you in your studies.

Q. Will I receive any unspent credit in cash when I leave the University?

A. No, your account will be closed so you should spend any unspent credit before you leave the University at the end of your degree.

Q. What if I want to buy something that is worth more than the credit I currently have in my account?

A. You can use your credit towards the cost and top up the difference with your own credit/debit card.

Q. What happens if I have an unspent credit balance at the end of the academic year?

A. It would be rolled over for you to spend in the next academic year provided you register for the next academic year, and the award scheme is still running. Please note this will not be the case in your final year, please ensure you have spent all funds by the end of your final year as unspent funds will be lost.

Q. How can I find out which books or materials are recommended for me?

A. Your course leader will advise you regarding books and/or materials they would recommend as being desirable to assist you with your studies. You can also find the reading lists for your modules on the Library's Reading Lists Online system: https://bolton.rl.talis.com/index.html. Reading Lists Online will show you the availability of your reading via the Library (both in print and online). However, the UniAsItShouldBe website will list the key recommended readings also, if you wish to purchase your own personal copies.

Buying products from the UniAsItShouldBe website

Q. Will the University sort out any problems I have if there is anything wrong with the products I buy (e.g. they are damaged or arrive late)?

A. JS Group is the supplier of the products and all problems should be referred to them. Your statutory rights as a consumer lie with JS Group. You should contact customer.service@uniasitshouldbe.co.uk

Q. What delivery charges are there?

A. For a full breakdown of delivery charges and to find out about delivery times, please visit: www.uniasitshouldbe.co.uk

Q. I've tried using the online store but am having technical problems, who can I contact for help?

A. Contact customer.service@uniasitshouldbe.co.uk

Q. How will you be sharing my data?

A. See the student privacy policy at: https://www.bolton.ac.uk/about/governance/policies/student-policies/

Q. Who can I ask if I have further questions?

A. JS Group is the partner that the University has appointed to run this award scheme and questions should be directed to them. They have an email address for any queries please email: customer.service@uniasitshouldbe.co.uk

Q. Will I be expected to do anything in return for receiving this award?

A. The University would expect all recipients to provide feedback to us to help with the evaluation and improvement of the scheme going forward.