On selected books we are offering a price match offer - these are the terms and conditions relating to these.

Price Match Guarantee Terms & Conditions

Q1. What is included in our promotion?

A. We will match the prices of our competitors on our UK top 250 recommended titles, along with the recommended titles on your reading list at your university.

Q2. Who will we match?

A. We will match the prices of the following retailers:
ii. Waterstones
iii. WHSmith
NB: Please note, when matching Amazon pricing, we will match items supplied by Amazon themselves, not those of Amazon Marketplace sellers.

Q3. When is the promotion valid?

A. From 21st December 2016. We reserve the right to end this promotion at any time.

Q4. How does it work?

A. We will make every effort to match the prices of our qualifying books in store, but should you find it cheaper elsewhere, please notify a member of staff the price at our competitor and we will match that price.

Q5. What are the terms of Price Match?

  1. The book must have the same ISBN and be of the same edition
  2. The book must be new (not second hand)
  3. It must be in stock at our competitor
  4. You must tell us of the price difference before you purchase the book as prices will not be matched after purchase
  5. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer
  6. The Price Match guarantee does not include postage charges

NB: Prices on our website and instore compare with Amazon at 21st December 2016. If the price has changed when you make your purchase, please let us know and we will amend our price.

Q6. What constitutes proof of price instore?

A. If the price of any of our qualifying books on our shop floor is not the cheapest against our competitors, you would be required to prove its prices elsewhere. If you can show us a web page from that day, either printed that day, or live on a smartphone then we will lower our price to match our competitor as long as it is in line with our Term of Price Match (Q5).

NB: John Smith’s reserve the right to withdraw this offer at any time, without notice.